Scrapper (DVD)

Directed by : Charlotte Regan
Available Date : 08/28/2023
UPC : 7 38329 26373 7
Country : U.K.
Language: English
Subject : Film Studies, Family Studies
Genre : Comedy, Drama
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In this vibrant and inventive father-daughter comedy, Georgie (Lola Campbell) is a dreamy 12-year-old girl who lives alone in her London flat, filling it with magic after the death of her mother. Out of nowhere, her estranged father Jason (Harris Dickinson) arrives and forces her to confront reality. Uninterested in this sudden new parental figure, Georgie is stubbornly resistant to his efforts. As they adjust to their new circumstances, Georgie and Jason find that both father and daughter still have a lot of growing up to do. 

  • Charlotte Regan - Director
  • Charlotte Regan - Writer
  • Lola Campbell - Actor
  • Harris Dickinson - Actor
  • Alin Uzun - Actor

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