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Unleashed! A Dog Dancing Story

Directed by: Justin Turcotte
Year: 2014
Country: Canada

Life After Tomorrow

Directed by: Julie Stevens, Gil Cates, Jr.
Year: 2006
Country: U.S.

The Fabulous Ice Age

Directed by: Keri Pickett
Year: 2013
Country: U.S.

Planet B-Boy

Directed by: Benson Lee
Year: 2007
Country: South Korea, France, Japan, U.S.

Bodyslam: Revenge of the Banana!

Directed by: Ryan Harvie, John Paul Horstmann
Year: 2017
Country: U.S.

Misdirection: The Real Magic

Directed by: Ted Wallach
Year: 2016
Country: U.S.

Tap World

Directed by: Dean Hargrove
Year: 2015
Country: Australia, South Africa, Brazil, China, India, Japan, France, U.S.

Viva Viva

Directed by: Carolina Pfister
Year: 2012
Country: U.S., Brazil
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