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The Romantic Englishwoman (DVD)

Directed by : Joseph Losey
Available Date : 06/21/2011
Release Year : 1975
Running Time : 116
UPC : 738329072728
Country : U.K.
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A sly, sophisticated love story, THE ROMANTIC ENGLISHWOMAN is a "masterfully acted comedy" (San Francisco Examiner) that is a showcase for its two Oscar®-winning stars: Michael Caine (HANNAH AND HER SISTERS) and Glenda Jackson (WOMEN IN LOVE).

Caine plays successful novelist Lewis Fielding, whose imagination spins ever-more elaborate scenarios of infidelity when his wife Elizabeth (Glenda Jackson) goes on a solo vacation to Baden Baden. When a young man she met there, Thomas (Helmut Berger), rings their home and shows up for tea, the couple's mutual jealousies explode to the surface. The line between Fielding's reality and his fantasies becomes blurred, breaking down altogether in the final act, when their lives turn into a suspense thriller featuring an enigmatic hit man and secret drug deals.

With a sparklingly witty screenplay from Academy Award-winner Tom Stoppard (SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE) and Thomas Wiseman, and an "elaborate visual style with glamorous and elegant settings" (Wall Street Journal) framed by director Joseph Losey (THE SERVANT, EVA), THE ROMANTIC ENGLISHWOMAN is a sparklingly intelligent, wildly entertaining ride.

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Publish Date : 0000-00-00
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  • Joseph Losey - Director
  • MIchael Lonsdale - Actor
  • Helmut Berger - Actor
  • Kate Nelligan - Actor
  • MIchael Caine - Actor
  • Glenda Jackson - Actor


"A film of feeling, tact, and intelligence." - Vincent Canby, The New York Times


Official Selection Cannes Film Festival

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