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Eagle's Wing (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Anthony Harvey
Available Date : 03/19/2019
Release Year : 1979
Running Time : 111
UPC : 738329236816
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Western, Drama
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A Scorpion Releasing Release! Anthony Harvey (The Lion in Winter, They Might Be Giants, Grace Quigley) directed this lyrical western, set among the savage landscape of canyons and plains of New Mexico, features Martin Sheen (Little girl Who lives by the Lane, Cassandra Crossing, Badlands, Apocalypse Now) as city-bred Pike who travels to the badlands with experienced trapper Henry (Harvey Keitel, Mean Streets, Bad Lieutenant, Reservoir Dogs) to buy pelts from a Comanche chief. The chief is attacked by White Bull (Sam Waterston, The Killing Fields, Warning Sign, TV’s Law and Order), a vicious Kiowa brave, who subsequently ambushes the trappers. Pike is left alone to fend for himself and, as he learns how to survive in the hostile environment, his mind turns to revenge. Co-starring Stéphane Audran (Babette’s Feast, Les Biches, Le Boucher).

Product Extras :

Brand new on camera interview with actress Caroline Langrishe

Publish Date : 2019-02-19
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  • Anthony Harvey - Director
  • Martin Sheen - Actor
  • Sam Waterston - Actor
  • Harvey Keitel - Actor
  • Stéphane Audran - Actor
  • John Castle - Actor
  • Caroline Langrishe - Actor

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