Kino Lorber announces 100% of sales to indie theaters for Abel Ferrara's THE PROJECTIONIST

Abel Ferrara’s THE PROJECTIONIST set to screen in physical cinemas
with 100% of sales benefitting local theaters

Documentary love letter to legendary New York City indie cinema
impresario Nicolas Nicolaou premiered last year at Tribeca



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"THE PROJECTIONIST is not so much a hidden history of the movies as one that shines a light on
an underground culture, fighting for survival, then and now." - Amy Taubin, Film Comment

"Warm and inspiring." - Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

"Makes a strong case that [Nicolaou], and people like him, are more in tune with the soul
of the city than the big businesses could ever be." - Wendy Ide, Screen International

New York, NY – September 10, 2020 – Kino Lorber announces that it will offer Abel Ferrara’s The Projectionist to arthouse cinemas for their theater screens as they open. 100% of the ticket sales will benefit local theaters. Ferrara’s documentary tribute to remarkably tenacious and dedicated New York theater owner Nicolas Nicolaou premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. Kino Lorber previously released Abel Ferrara’s Pasolini (2019) and Tommaso (2020).

The Projectionist traces the life and livelihood of friend and fellow cinephile Nicolas “Nick” Nicolaou, a Cypriot immigrant who moved to America as a young boy and began working as a teenager in small neighborhood movie theaters around Manhattan. After decades of defying gentrification, changing viewing habits and challenging corporate dominance in the 1980s, he is now one of New York City’s last independent theater owners (he currently owns and operates Manhattan’s Cinema Village, Bay Ridge’s Alpine Cinemas and Forest Hills’ Cinemart). At once a walking tour of New York City’s evolving theatrical landscape, a history of movie-going over the last 50 years and a moving tribute to friendship, tenacity and movie love, The Projectionist is an indelible tribute and timely paean to what going to the movies is all about.

Kino Lorber is encouraging theaters to add conversations with its theater staff and programmers to its screenings of The Projectionist as a way to welcome back their audiences when they can open safely, pull back the curtain, and talk about why they share Nicolaou's passion for keeping the movie theater experience alive.

Abel Ferrara

With a reputation as a director of controversial cinema, Abel Ferrara moves into his fourth decade of filmmaking with continued work in the US as well as European projects. Recent successes include Pasolini, starring Willem Dafoe, and Welcome to NY, starring Gerard Depardieu and Jacqueline Bisset. Born in the Bronx in 1951, Ferrara started on Super 8 in his teens in upstate New York with writers Nicholas St. John and John McIntyre. His first features were Driller Killer and Ms. 45 in the late 70s. The 80s and 90s led to a cult reputation with legendary films like The King of New York, Bad Lieutenant, The Addiction and The Funeral. Ferrara is currently preparing his next feature Siberia with Willem Dafoe, Isabelle Huppert and Nicolas Cage.

Kino Lorber

With a library of over 4,000 titles, Kino Lorber Inc. has been a leader in independent art house distribution for 35 years, releasing 30 films per year theatrically under its Kino Lorber, Kino Repertory and Alive Mind Cinema banners, garnering seven Academy Award® nominations in nine years. In addition, the company brings over 350 titles yearly to the home entertainment and educational markets through physical and digital media releases. With an expanding family of distributed labels, Kino Lorber handles releases in ancillary media for Zeitgeist Films, Carlotta USA, Adopt Films, Greenwich Entertainment, Raro Video, and others, placing physical titles through all wholesale, retail, and direct to consumer channels, as well as direct digital distribution through over 40 OTT services including all major TVOD and SVOD platforms. In 2019, the company launched its new art house digital channel Kino Now which features over 1000 titles from the acclaimed Kino Lorber library. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kino Marquee initiative was launched in 2020 pioneering "virtual theatrical" releases of art house films with revenue shares that allows audiences to support almost 400 local independent theaters.