Kino Lorber Announces its January 2017 Home Video Releases

X-RATED (Kino Lorber, DVD)
DVD Street Date: January 3, 2017
DVD SRP $29.95
DVD UPC 738329211783
Documentary / 2015 / NR / 94 min
Director: Bryn Pryor
Starring: Chanel Preston, Nina Hartley, Raylin Joy

Synopsis: A scintillating countdown of the 32 greatest adult movies ever produced, X-Rated is the definitive look at the art of carnal films. Ranging between the 1970s and the 2010s, this erotically charged documentary is a vital history that provides commentary about the movies' lasting impact on the adult industry and the world. Hosted by Chanel Preston, it features in-depth interviews with stars Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy, Marilyn Chambers, Christy Canyon, Jessica Drake, Georgina Spelvin and many more.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes | Interviews | Trailer

HARUD (Silk Road, DVD)
DVD Street Date: January 3, 2017
DVD SRP $29.95
DVD UPC 738329211769
Drama / 2010 / NR / 99 min
Director: Aamir Bashir
Starring: Mohammad Amir Naji, Shahnawaz Bhat, Shamim Basharat

Synopsis: Rafiq (Shahnawaz Bhat) and his family are struggling to come to terms with the loss of his older brother Tauqir, who is one of the thousands of young men who have disappeared since the onset of the military insurgency in Kashmir. After an unsuccessful attempt to cross the border into Pakistan to become a militant, Rafiq returns home to an aimless existence. Until one day, he accidentally finds his brother's old camera, which promises to reveal secrets of Tauqir's hidden life.

YARN (Kino Lorber, DVD)
DVD Street Date: January 10, 2017
DVD SRP $29.95
DVD UPC 738329211790
Documentary / 2016 / NR / 76 min
Director: Una Lorenzen
Featuring Barbara Kingsolver, Olek, Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar

Synopsis: Meet the artists who are redefining the tradition of knit and crochet, bringing yarn out of the house and into the world. Reinventing our relationship with this colorful tradition, Yarn weaves together wool graffiti artists, circus performers, and structural designers into a visually-striking look at the women who are making a creative stance while building one of modern art's hottest trends.

Special Features: Additional animations | Trailer

AS I OPEN MY EYES (Kino Lorber, DVD)
DVD Street Date: January 10, 2017
DVD SRP $29.95
DVD UPC 738329211820
Drama / 2015 / NR / 102 min
Director: Leyla Bouzid
Starring: Baya Medhaffer, Ghalia Benali, Montassar Ayari

Synopsis: As I Open My Eyes depicts the clash between culture and family as seen through the eyes of a young Tunisian woman balancing the traditional expectations of her family with her creative life as a singer in a politically charged rock band. Director Leyla Bouzid's musical feature debut offers a nuanced portrait of the individual implications of the incipient Arab Spring.

IXCANUL (Kino Lorber, Blu-ray & DVD)
Blu-ray & DVD Street Date: January 17, 2017
DVD SRP $29.95
DVD UPC 738329211806
BD SRP $34.95
BD UPC 738329211813
Drama / 2015 / NR / 91 min
Director: Jayro Bustamante
Starring: María Mercedes Coroy, María Telón, Manuel Antún

Synopsis: Ixcanul is the brilliant debut by Guatemalan filmmaker Jayro Bustamante, a dreamlike depiction of the daily lives of Mayans living on a coffee plantation at the base of an active volcano. A memsmerizing fusion of fact and fable, this gorgeously photographed film is an immersive journey into its characters' customs and beliefs, chronicling with unblinking realism disappearing traditions and a disappearing people. One of the best-reviewed movies of 2016, Ixcanul was the first film Guatemala ever submitted for Best Foreign Film consideration at the Academy Awards.

Special Features: Booklet essay by Lydia Ogwang | Making-of Documentary | Trailer

DVD Street Date: January 17, 2017
DVD SRP $29.95
DVD UPC 738329211868
Documentary / 2013 / NR / 66 min
Director: Brean Cunningham, Douglas Seirup
Featuring Candido Santiago

Synopsis: Dogs on the Inside follows the relationships between abused stray dogs and prison inmates working towards a second chance at a better life. In an attempt to re-build their confidence and prepare for a new life outside, these prisoners must first learn to handle and care for a group of neglected strays. This heart-warming story reconfirms the timeless connection between man and dog, showing the resiliency of a dog's trust and the generosity of the human spirit in the unlikeliest of places.

Special Features: Behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scene, updates, trailer

FATIMA (Kino Lorber, DVD)
DVD Street Date: January 17, 2017
DVD SRP $29.95
DVD UPC 738329211837
Drama, family / 2015 / NR / 78 min
Director: Philippe Faucon
Starring: Soria Zeroual, Zita Hanrot, Kenza Noah Aïche

Synopsis: Named the best French film of 2016 by the César Awards, Fatima is a brilliant and moving tale about what it means to be an immigrant today. It was inspired by the life of North African poet Fatima Elayoubi, who immigrated knowing very little French and slowly taught herself the language. Fatima (Soria Zeroual) lives with her two teenage daughters in Lyon, and works cleaning jobs to pay their way through school. She is a woman pressured by her children and her neighbors alike to assimilate into a culture of which she's wary. Fatima is a complex, uplifting film that is one of recent French cinema's most trenchant and memorable portraits of the contemporary immigrant experience.

Special Features: Internview with director Philippe Faucon | Trailer

PET FOOLED (Kino Lorber, DVD)
DVD Street Date: January 17, 2017
DVD SRP $29.95
DVD UPC 738329212063
Documentary / 2016 / NR / 70 min
Director: Kohl Harrington

Synopsis: Pet Fooled in an in-depth exposé of the inner workings of the commercial pet food industry, the majority of which is owned by only a few multi-conglomerate companies. With the help of veterinarians Dr. Barbara Royal and Dr. Karen Becker, filmmaker Kohl Harrington takes viewers on an entertaining and eye-opening journey explorting all facets of a harrowing and secretive industry, which has operated largely unchallenged until now.

Blu-ray Street Date: January 17, 2017
BD SRP $29.95
BD UPC 816018011057
Horror / 1966 / NR / 116 min
Director: Michael Reeves
Starring: Barbara Steele, John Karlsen, Ian Ogilvy, Mel Welles, Joe Riley, Richard Watson

Synopsis: A tale of demonic reincarnation reminiscent of Mario Bava's Black Sunday, Revenge of the Blood Beast (Il lago di Satana, aka The She Beast) stars Barbara Steele as Veronica, a British tourist who is stranded in a remote village with her husband Philip (Ian Ogilvy) while honeymooning in Transylvania. They meet a descendant of legendary vampire-hunter Count von Helsing (John Karlsen), who reveals that the town is haunted by a satanic curse. A mysterious car accident plunges Veronica into a nearby lake, but when her body is removed, it resembles that of the legendary "Witch of the Lake." Reawakened from her slumber, the blister-faced hag, armed with sickle and claws, rises from the makeshift morgue and unleashes her vengeance upon the descendants of those who executed her, centuries earlier. While the bumbling Soviet authorities stumble over themselves to solve the murders, Philip join forces with von Helsing to capture the witch and put an end to the dreadful curse. Director Michael Reeves (Witchfinder General) mixes gruesome thrills with dark comedy (courtesy of character actor Mel Welles as a devious hotel owner), to make Revenge of the Blood Beast an especially playful entry in the Euro Horror genre.

Special Features: Featurette by Nocturno (a documentary on the making of the film) | A fully illustrated booklet | New HD transfer | New and improved English subtitle translation

DVD Street Date: January 24, 2017
DVD SRP $29.95
DVD UPC 738329211905
Documentary / 2015 / NR / 90 min
Director: Yael Melamede
Featuring: Dan Ariely

Synopsis: It's human nature to lie; we all do it! From scandalous headlines to little white lies, (Dis)Honesty - The Truth About Lies explores the complex impact dishonesty has on our lives and everyday society. Interweaving groundbreaking experiments from celebrated behavioral economist Dan Ariely with personal stories from individuals affected by the unraveling of their lies, Ariely and a team of scientists uncover our propensity to be dishonest - sometimes even unknowingly. What's revealed is a fascinating look at the forces behind our collective behavior and the many truths behind lies.

Special Features: Convicted felon and former CEO of Crazy Eddie Sam Antar | US Attorney for the Southern District of NY Preet Bharara | CEO of Ashley Madison Noel Biderman | Former NFL Player Rashod Kent | Transgender author and Professor Joy Ladin | Filmmaker Albert Maysles | U.S. Senator from Arizona John McCain | Former DC police detective Jim Trainum

DVD Street Date: January 24, 2017
DVD SRP $29.95
DVD UPC 738329211875
Comedy / 2016 / NR / 101 min
Director: Dominik Moll
Starring: François Damiens, Vincent Macaigne, Veerle Baetens

Synopsis: News From Planet Mars follows the unusual life of Philippe Mars (François Damiens) a reasonable man in an unreasonable world. He's trying to be a good father, a kind ex-husband, a nice colleague, and an understanding sibling. But the planets have not been exactly aligned in his favor lately. With his son turning into a hardcore vegan, his daughter into a pathological overachiever and his sister selling oversized paintings of their naked parents, it seems to our ever-so prudent Philippe that everyone around him is starting to behave more and more erratically...When his more than over the top colleague Jerôme (Vincent Macaigne) accidentally chops off his ear then moves into Philippe's apartment, things start to go from bad to insane for our hero. Directed by Dominik Moll (With a Friend Like Harry...), News From Planet Mars is an uproariously funny pitch black comedy that is not to be missed.

DVD Street Date: January 24, 2017
DVD SRP $29.95
DVD UPC 738329210625
Documentary / 2016 / NR / 88 min
Director: Pieter van Huystee
Featuring Matteo Ceriana, Gabriele Finaldi, John Hand

Synopsis: In 2016, the Noordbrabants Museum in the Dutch city of Den Bosch held a special exhibition devoted to the work of Hieronymus Bosch, who died 500 years ago. This late-medieval artist lived his entire life in the city, and caused an uproar with his fantastical, violent, and utterly unique paintings detailing the pleasures and pains of heaven and hell. In preparation for the exhibition, a team of Dutch art historians crisscrossed the globe to unravel the secrets of his art. They used special infrared cameras to examine the sketches beneath the paint, in the hope of discovering more about the artist's intentions. They also sought to establish which of the paintings could be attributed to Bosch himself, and which to his pupils or followers. The experts shuttled between Den Bosch, Madrid and Venice, cutting their way through the art world's tangle of red tape, resulting in the controversial and extraordinary discovery of a lost Bosch painting.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes | Trailer