Kino Lorber Studio Classics Announces its August 2016 Home Video Releases

Blu-ray Street Date: August 2, 2016
Blu-ray SRP    $29.95
Blu-ray UPC    738329206192
Adventure | NR | 94 min
Director: Rouben Mamoulian
Starring Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell, Basil Rathbone, Gale Sondergaard, Eugene Pallette

Synopsis: The Mark Of Zorro is regarded by most as the finest telling of the Zorro legend - screen icon Tyrone Power (Rawhide) stars as 19th century nobleman Don Diego de Vega, whose father, the mayor of Los Angeles, is removed from office by the sinister Captain Esteban Pasquale (Basil Rathbone, The Black Sleep), and a new corrupt regime. By day, the crooked politicians rob the citizenry at every turn, and at night, Don Diego, wearing a mask, defies their laws and avenges the innocents. As he leaves his trademark - the letter "Z" - wherever he goes, he also leaves an impression on the mayor's niece (Linda Darnell, Hangover Square), who can't help but love the hero in disguise. Featuring top-notch direction by the great Rouben Mamoulian (Love Me Tonight, Blood and Sand).

Special Features: Audio Commentary by Film Critic Richard Schickel | Tyrone Power: The Last Idol Documentary

RAWHIDE (1951)
Blu-ray Street Date: August 2, 2016
Blu-ray SRP    $29.95
Blu-ray UPC    738329206208
Western | NR | 89 min
Director: Henry Hathaway
Starring Tyrone Power, Susan Hayward, Jack Elam, Dean Jagger, Hugh Marlowe, Edgar Buchanan, George Tobias, Jeff Corey

Synopsis: This riveting western filled with gripping action stars screen legends Tyrone Power (The Mark of Zorro) and Susan Hayward (I Want to Live!). With a band of outlaws on the loose, stationmaster Sam Todd (Edgar Buchanan) and his tenderfoot underling Tom Owens (Power), a woman passenger Vinnie Holt (Hayward) and her infant niece hideout in the safety of his station until law can be restored. But when the murderous bunch arrives to take control of the station, it will be up to the mild-mannered Owens to outsmart the outlaws before they can execute their deadly plans. The great Henry Hathaway (23 Paces to Baker Street) directed this suspenseful and thrilling western featuring a stellar cast that includes Hugh Marlowe, Dean Jagger, Jack Elam, George Tobias and Jeff Corey.

Special Features: Susan Hayward: Hollywood's Straight Shooter Featurette | "Shoot it in the Lone Pine!" Featurette | Restoration Comparison

Newly restored in HD!
Blu-ray & DVD Street Date: August 9, 2016
DVD SRP    $19.95
DVD UPC    738329154929
Blu-ray SRP    $29.95
Blu-ray UPC    738329155025
Western | NR | 95 min
Director: Edwin L. Marin
Starring Randolph Scott, Jane Wyatt, J. Carrol Naish, Victor Jory, Nancy Olson

Synopsis: Western legend Randolph Scott (Western Union, The Caribou Trail) is Tom Andrews, a man desperately trying save the railroad with the help of demolitions expert, Dynamite Dawson (J. Carrol Naish, Sahara). Opposing them is a band of trappers headed by Dirk Rourke (Victor Jory, The Miracle Worker) who sabotages the railroad construction and incites the local Indians to rebel against the project. Jane Wyatt (House by the River) and Nancy Olson (Sunset Boulevard) co-star in this action-packed western featuring wonderful direction by Edwin L. Marin (Colt .45) and rousing score from legendary composer Dimitri Tiomkin (Rio Bravo).

Special Features:
Restoration Documentary: Recombining and restoring a 66 year-old Cinecolor puzzle of more than 400,000 pieces in HD.

Canadian Pacific on 16mm: Excerpts from a very rare original 16mm CineColor print elements (reel 1A+B) (18 min. in HD)

Canadian Pacific on 8mm: Rare short feature for home screening of the film on 8mm (B/W print) (8 min. in HD)

Newly restored in HD!
Blu-ray & DVD Street Date: August 9, 2016
DVD SRP    $19.95
DVD UPC    738329155124
Blu-ray SRP    $29.95
Blu-ray UPC    738329155223
Western | NR | 81 min
Director: Edwin L. Marin
Starring Randolph Scott, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Victor Jory, Jim Davis, Dale Robertson, Bill Williams

Synopsis: Western icon Randolph Scott (Western Union, Canadian Pacific) co-stars with Bill Williams (TV's The Adventures of Kit Carson) as cowboys leading a small herd of cattle from Montana to the Northwest Territories, one looking for rangeland the other for gold. While driving their cattle along The Caribou Trail, the two men encounter a toll bridge run by the local cattle king (Victor Jory, The Miracle Worker) and his henchmen. But when the men refuse to pay the toll, their cattle is stampeded and all hell breaks loose in this action-packed western that has it all. George 'Gabby' Hayes (Tall in the Saddle) leads the supporting cast that includes Karin Booth (Tobor the Great), Douglas Kennedy (The Amazing Transparent Man), Jim Davis (TV's Dallas) and Dale Robertson (TV's Tales of Wells Fargo). Directed by Hollywood veteran Edwin L. Marin (A Christmas Carol).

Special Features:
Restoration Documentary: recombining and restoring two-strip CineColor components

The Cariboo Trail on 8mm: rare short feature for home screening of the film on 8mm (B/W print) (8 min; in HD)

Newly Re-mastered in HD!
Blu-ray & DVD Street Date: August 16, 2016
DVD SRP    $19.95
DVD UPC    738329202019
Blu-ray SRP    $29.95
Blu-ray UPC    738329202026
Horror | PG-13 | 91 min
Director: Curtis Harrington
Starring Shelley Winters, Mark Lester, Ralph Richardson, Lionel Jeffries, Hugh Griffith

Synopsis: Auntie Roo (Shelley Winters, He Ran All the Way) just loves children... to death. After the mysterious disappearance of her daughter, Auntie Roo has been looking for a 'dead ringer' replacement. And this time she found one... from the local orphanage! But what is she to do with the girl's pesky brother when he discovers Roo's terrible secret in the attic? Top-notch direction by cult filmmaker Curtis Harrington (Queen of Blood, Night Tide) and featuring great performances by Mark Lester (Oliver, Eyewitness), Chloe Franks (Tales from the Crypt), Lionel Jeffries (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), Hugh Griffith (Ben-Hur) and the great Ralph Richardson (The Fallen Idol). Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? was the follow-up to What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? and What's the Matter with Helen?

Includes optional English subtitles

Special Features: Audio Commentary with Film Historian David Del Valle and Film Scholar Nathaniel Bell

ELENI (1985)
Newly Re-mastered in HD!
Blu-ray & DVD Street Date: August 16, 2016
DVD SRP    $19.95
DVD UPC    738329204624
Blu-ray SRP    $29.95
Blu-ray UPC    738329204686
Drama | PG | 116 min
Director: Peter Yates
Starring Kate Nelligan, John Malkovich, Linda Hunt, Oliver Cotton, Glenne Headly

Synopsis: Kate Nelligan (Eye of the Needle), John Malkovich (In the Line of Fire) and Linda Hunt (The Year of Living Dangerously) star in this true story of a mother's love for her children and a son's revenge. In 1948, as the civil war ravages Greece, a communist attachment terrorizes a small mountain village by abducting the children and sending them to communist camps inside the Iron Curtain. Eleni (Nelligan) defies the communists and arranges for the escape of her three daughters and her son Nicola. For this act she's imprisoned, tortured and executed in cold blood. Several years later, Nicholas Gage (Malkovich), Eleni's son and a New York Times reporter, returns to his homeland to discover the facts surrounding his mother's death, and to hunt down the man who murdered her. Featuring top-notch direction by the great Peter Yates (Robbery, Bullitt) and stunning on-location cinematography by Billy Williams (Gandhi).

Blu-ray Street Date: August 23, 2016
Blu-ray SRP    $29.95
Blu-ray UPC    738329206215
Horror | NR | 71 min
Director: William Cameron Menzies, Marcel Varnel
Starring Bela Lugosi, Edmund Lowe, Irene Ware

Synopsis: Magic, mirth and mystery highlight this tale starring horror legend Bela Lugosi (Dracula, White Zombie) as an evil lunatic set on destroying mankind with a gigantic death-dealing device. Mankind's only hope is Frank Chandler, a.k.a. Chandu The Magician (Edmund Lowe, Dinner at Eight), who calls upon mystical abilities to fight the megalomaniacal fiend. Adapted from the popular broadcast serial, this creepy classic conjures action and excitement at every turn. Co-starring Irene Ware (The Raven) - Directed by William Cameron Menzies (The Maze, Thing to Come) and Marcel Varnel (Convict 99).

Special Features: Audio Commentary by Bela Lugosi Biographer Gregory William Mank | Masters of Magic: The World of Chandu Featurette | Restoration Comparison

3 BAD MEN (1926)
Blu-ray Street Date: August 23, 2016
Blu-ray SRP    $29.95
Blu-ray UPC    738329206222
Western | NR | 92 min
Director: John Ford
Starring George O'Brien, Olive Borden, Lou Tellegen

Synopsis: This classic western directed by the great John Ford (The Hurricane) stars George O'Brien (Sunrise) and a host of other greats from the silent era and beyond. When a trio of bandits discovers a young woman (Olive Borden) whose father was murdered by a ruthless gang, the "Three Bad Men" go from being partners in crime to comrades in chivalry. Willing to put their own lives on the line to protect her from a sinister sheriff (Lou Tellegen) and his deranged posse, the men prove that character isn't always determined by which side of the law a man sits on. A grand, picturesque western, this epic stands as one of the legendary director's finest.

Special Features: Audio Commentary by Film Historian Joseph McBride, the author of Searching For John Ford

Blu-ray Street Date: August 23, 2016
Blu-ray SRP    $29.95
Blu-ray UPC    738329206109
Action | NR | 119 min
Director: Joseph Losey
Starring Monica Vitti, Terence Stamp, Dirk Bogarde, Harry Andrews, Clive Revill, Alexander Knox, Rossella Falk

Synopsis: Her entire appearance changes in a finger snap. She thrashes villains without missing a spiked-heeled step. Welcome to the mad, mod world of sexy, stylish British super agent Modesty Blaise (Monica Vitti, L'Avventura, L'Eclisse). Hired by the government to prevent a diamond heist, Modesty recruits her wily sidekick Willie Garvin (Terence Stamp, The Limey) to help her battle crafty, colorful foes on the secluded island of a suave mastermind thief Gabriel (Dirk Bogarde, Death in Venice) and conniving partner Mrs. Fothergill (Rosella Falk, 8½). Grooving with mile-high hairdos and swinging, psychedelic wall patterns, Modesty Blaise is campy entertainment at its best. The great Joseph Losey (Eva, The Servant) directed this outrageous spy spoof featuring a stellar cast that includes Harry Andrews (Moby Dick), Clive Revill (Fathom) and Alexander Knox (The Vikings).

Special Features: Interview with First Assistant Director Gavrik Losey, Interviews with Screenwriter Evan Jones and assistant art director Norman Dorme, Audio Commentary by Film Historian David Del Valle and Filmmaker Armand Mastroianni

Blu-ray Street Date: August 23, 2016
Blu-ray SRP    $29.95
Blu-ray UPC    738329206079
Comedy | PG | 105 min
Director: Rick Rosenthal
Starring JoBeth Williams, Tom Conti, Giancarlo Giannini

Synopsis: International stars JoBeth Williams (Poltergeist), Tom Conti (Miracles) and Giancarlo Giannini (Seven Beauties) co-star in this clever and brisk paced cloak-and-dagger comedy adventure. Cathy Palmer (Williams) is a neglected housewife whose only excitement in life comes from reading sizzling romantic thrillers by the renowned Rebecca Ryan. Cathy enters a writing contest, winning a trip to Paris... upon arriving in the city of lights; she's hurt in an accident and is knocked out cold. Once awake, she starts believing she's the renowned author Rebecca Ryan, and begins living all the glamour, suspense and romance of her favorite author. Rick Rosenthal (Bad Boys) directed this whimsical action-comedy for the romantic dreamers in all of us.