Pioneers of Queer Cinema

Directed by Reinhold Schünzel, Leontine Sagan, Carl Froelich, and Carl Theodor Dreyer

Year: 1924
Running Time: 280
Color Type: Black & White
Country: Germany
Language: Silent and German with English titles
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Pioneers of Queer Cinema

Directed by Reinhold Schünzel, Leontine Sagan, Carl Froelich and Carl Theodor Dreyer

With theaters closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this film will be released in "virtual cinemas" supporting independent art houses. Scroll down to find a theater near you to support.

These classics of early queer cinema, all way ahead of their time, come to Kino Marquee virtual cinemas for Pride Month in gorgeous new restorations.

Victor and Victoria (Reinhold Schünzel, 1933)
Produced in the final days of the Weimar Republic, this dazzling, gender-bending musical romance about a female singer posing as a man performing in drag received limited exposure in the United States, and is today best known by Blake Edwards’s 1982 remake and the 1995 Broadway production. Viewers will be delighted to discover that the original is every bit as charming and outrageous, reminiscent of the sly sex comedies of Ernst Lubitsch and Billy Wilder.

Mädchen in Uniform (Leontine Sagan and Carl Froelich, 1931)
As a new student at an all-girls boarding school, Manuela falls in love with the compassionate teacher Fräulein von Bernburg, and her feelings are requited. Experiencing her first love, lonely Manuela also discovers the complexities that come with an illicit romance. This artfully composed landmark of lesbian cinema – and an important anti-fascist film – was the first of just three films directed by Leontine Sagan.

Michael (Carl Theodor Dreyer, 1924)
Danish film master Carl Theodor Dreyer's homoerotic classic is a mature and visually elegant period romance decades ahead of its time. Michael takes its place alongside Dreyer's better known masterpieces as an unusually sensitive and decorous work of art and is one of the earliest and most compassionate overtly gay-themed films in movie history.

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Venue City Date
Time & Space Limited virtual screening room Hudson 1593748800Starts July 3
Film Forum virtual screening room New York 1593748800Starts July 3
Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film festival virtual screening room Tampa 1593576000Starts July 1
Fox Theatre virtual screening room Toronto 1593144000Starts June 26
Princeton Garden Theatre virtual screening room Princeton 1593144000Starts June 26
Ambler Theater virtual screening room Ambler 1593144000Starts June 26
County Theater virtual screening room Doyelstown 1593144000Starts June 26
Hiway Theater virtual screening room Jenkintown 1593144000Starts June 26
Texas Theatre virtual screening room Oak Cliff 1593144000Starts June 26
Michigan Theater virtual screening room Ann Arbor 1593057600Starts June 25
The Loft Cinema virtual screening room Tucson 1592539200Starts June 19
Avalon Theater virtual screening room Washington 1592539200Starts June 19
Suns Cinema virtual screening room Washington 1592539200Starts June 19
Athens Ciné virtual screening room Athens 1592539200Starts June 19
Cinema Worcester virtual screening room Worcester 1592539200Starts June 19
Vickers Theatre virtual screening room Three Oaks 1592539200Starts June 19
Cinematique of Wilmington virtual screening room Wilimington 1592539200Starts June 19
The Colonial Theatre - Bethlehem virtual screening room Bethlehem 1592539200Starts June 19
Athena Cinema virtual screening room Athens 1592539200Starts June 19
Salem Cinema virtual screening room Salem 1592539200Starts June 19
Philadelphia Film Society virtual screening room Philadelphia 1592539200Starts June 19
Bryn Mawr Film Institute virtual screening room Bryn Mawr 1592280000Starts June 16
Laemmle Theatres virtual screening room Los Angeles 1591934400Starts June 12
Lumiere Cinema virtual screening room Los Angeles 1591934400Starts June 12
Roxie Theater virtual screening room San Francisco 1591934400Starts June 12
The Frida Cinema virtual screening room Santa Ana 1591934400Starts June 12
Denver Film Society virtual screening room Denver 1591934400Starts June 12
JxJ Theater virtual screening room Washington 1591934400Starts June 12
Tropic Cinema virtual screening room Key West 1591934400Starts June 12
Plaza Theatre virtual screening room Atlanta 1591934400Starts June 12
LeFont Film Society virtual screening room Atlanta 1591934400Starts June 12
Normal Theater virtual screening room Normal 1591934400Starts June 12
The Ryder Film Series virtual screening room Bloomington 1591934400Starts June 12
Kan Kan Cinema virtual screening room Indianapolis 1591934400Starts June 12
Amherst Cinema virtual screening room Amherst 1591934400Starts June 12
Coolidge Corner Theatre virtual screening room Brookline 1591934400Starts June 12
Brattle Theatre virtual screening room Cambridge 1591934400Starts June 12
Waters Edge Cinema virtual screening room Provincetown 1591934400Starts June 12
State Theatre Michigan virtual screening room Traverse 1591934400Starts June 12
Grail Moviehouse virtual screening room Ashville 1591934400Starts June 12
Chelsea Theater virtual screening room Chapel Hill 1591934400Starts June 12
Red River Theatres virtual screening room Concord 1591934400Starts June 12
Crandell Theatre virtual screening room Chatham 1591934400Starts June 12
Time & Space Limited virtual screening room Hudson 1591934400Starts June 12
Sag Harbor Cinema virtual screening room Sag Harbor 1591934400Starts June 12
The Nightlight Cinema virtual screening room Akron 1591934400Starts June 12
Cedar Lee Theatre virtual screening room Cleveland 1591934400Starts June 12
Portland German Film Festival / Zeitgeist NW virtual screening room Portland 1591934400Starts June 12
Midtown Cinema virtual screening room Harrisburg 1591934400Starts June 12
Nickelodeon Theatre virtual screening room Columbia 1591934400Starts June 12
Belcourt Theatre virtual screening room Nashville 1591934400Starts June 12
Salt Lake Independent Film Group (Broadway Centre Cinemas) virtual screening room Salt Lake City 1591934400Starts June 12
Alamo Drafthouse Winchester virtual screening room Winchester 1591934400Starts June 12
Vermont International Film Festival virtual screening room Burlington 1591934400Starts June 12
Pickford Film Center virtual screening room Bellingham 1591934400Starts June 12
Lincoln Theatre virtual screening room Mount Vernon 1591934400Starts June 12
Olympia Film Society virtual screening room Olympia 1591934400Starts June 12
Grand Cinema virtual screening room Tacoma 1591934400Starts June 12
UW-Madison Cinematheque virtual screening room Madison 1591934400Starts June 12

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