Tu dors Nicole

Directed by Stéphane Lafleur

Year: 2014
Running Time: 93
Color Type: B&W
Country: Canada
Language: French
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Tu dors Nicole

Luc Senay
Pierre-Luc Lafontaine
Julianne Côté

Directed by Stéphane Lafleur

Nicole (Julianne Cote) is adrift after college graduation, working a dead-end summer job in her small Quebec hometown and spending evenings with her best pal, Veronique. When her older brother Remi unexpectedly returns with his bandmates in tow, disrupting the girls' half-baked summer, it becomes clear to Nicole that something must and will change. Shot in luminous black and white and infused with a sultry melancholy, Tu dors Nicole brilliantly captures that liminal stage where the fading yet familiar attachments of childhood still seem far more appealing, precious, and real than the sterility of the grown-up world.


"Tu Dors Nicole is an especially wispy, French-Canadian addition to an irresistible genre: the last-summer-of-adolescence movie"
- A. A. Dowd, AV Club

"Tu dors Nicole is a wistful Quebec summer tale"
- Farran Smith Nehme, New York Post


  • Winner - Vancouver Film Critics Circle 2015

    Best Canadian Film
    Best Actress in a Canadian Film - Julianne Cote
    Best Supporting Actor in a Canadian Film - Marc-Andre Grondin

    Best Director of a Canadian Film - Stephane Lafleur

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Venue City Date
Guild Cinema Albuquerque 1440734400August 28 - August 31, 2015
New Orleans Film Society New Orleans 14372784007/19 & 7/21 ONLY

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