The Grey Fox

After decades in prison, stagecoach robber Bill Miner (Richard Farnsworth) emerges in 1901 a free man without a place in 20th century society…until he sees The Great... Read more

The Grey Fox

Directed by Phillip Borsos

Year: 1982
Running Time: 92
Color Type: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Country: Canada
Language: English
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The Grey Fox

Richard Farnsworth
Jackie Burroughs
Ken Pogue
Wayne Robson
Timothy Webber
Samantha Langevin

Directed by Phillip Borsos
Writer John Hunter

After decades in prison, stagecoach robber Bill Miner (Richard Farnsworth, The Straight Story, Tom Horn) emerges in 1901 a free man without a place in 20th-century society. Times have changed, but in the face of all these changes, neither his good-humored patience nor his joy of life has abandoned him. With the vigor of a teenager, Miner sees a screening of one of the first films, The Great Train Robbery, and is inspired to once again do what he does best. Filmed with the beautiful Pacific Northwest as a backdrop, The Grey Fox is a rare and touching yarn exploring and unravelling a greatly likable and unlikely hero. Beautifully shot by Frank Tidy (The Duellists) and wonderfully directed by Phillip Borsos (The Mean Season), The Grey Fox is a richly satisfying film experience considered by most as one of the greatest Canadian films of all time.


"Farnsworth is a superb camera subject, with a lulling sexual presence. [Director Phillip] Borsos is an inspired image-maker."

"One of the loveliest adventures of the year... director Phillip Borsos is able to make this a human story and still keep it exciting as an action picture."

"The bluest eyes this side of Paul Newman."

"Terrific. Richard Farnsworth is a delight... remarkably appealing with a face the camera adores."

"Farnsworth appears to have been born to play Bill Miner. An exceptionally fine movie."

"Fits beautifully between McCabe and Mrs. Miller and Unforgiven, each of them stories about characters coming to term with changing times. There are even echoes of The Irishman, and the newly-refreshed film is ripe for reconsideration."

"Richard Farnsworth gives an outstanding performance as a man with dignity, intelligence and an abundance of sincere charm. This restoration is a testament to his ability to reach out and touch his audience who will have no alternative but to recognize a warm, witty and realistic performance."

"Four stars! A sweet mix of Butch Cassidy and Goin’ Down the Road. It’s a beautiful could get lost in the gorgeous B.C. scenery."

"Richard Farnsworth gives us one of the most lovable outlaws in Western film history. Each frame of British Columbia’s natural beauty is more painterly than the last. The stunning imagery was courtesy of cinematographer Frank Tidy, coming off of shooting Ridley Scott’s The Duellists, and Irish supergroup The Chieftains contributed to the soundtrack, resulting in an audiovisual mood that has aged remarkably well."

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Jacob Burns Film Center virtual screening room Pleasantville 1591329600Starts June 5
Strand Theatre - OH virtual screening room Delaware 1591329600Starts June 5
Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive virtual screening room Berkeley 1590724800Starts May 29
Davis Varsity Theatre virtual screening room Davis 1590724800Starts May 29
Laemmle Theatres virtual screening room Los Angeles 1590724800Starts May 29
Autry Museum virtual screening room Los Angeles 1590724800Starts May 29
American Cinematheque virtual screening room Los Angeles 1590724800Starts May 29
Lumiere Cinema virtual screening room Los Angeles 1590724800Starts May 29
Arena Theater virtual screening room Point Arena 1590724800Starts May 29
The Frida Cinema virtual screening room Santa Ana 1590724800Starts May 29
Cameo Cinemas virtual screening room St. Helena 1590724800Starts May 29
Kimball's Peak 3 Theatre virtual screening room Colorado Springs 1590724800Starts May 29
Enzian Theatre virtual screening room Maitland 1590724800Starts May 29
Miami Dade College Tower Theater virtual screening room Miami 1590724800Starts May 29
Corazon Cinema virtual screening room St. Augustine 1590724800Starts May 29
Athens Ciné virtual screening room Athens 1590724800Starts May 29
LeFont Film Society virtual screening room Atlanta 1590724800Starts May 29
Panida Theatre virtual screening room Sandpoint 1590724800Starts May 29
AFI Silver virtual screening room Silver Spring 1590724800Starts May 29
Harbor Theater virtual screening room Boothbay Harbor 1590724800Starts May 29
Riverview Theatre virtual screening room Minneapolis 1590724800Starts May 29
Trylon Cinema virtual screening room Minneapolis 1590724800Starts May 29
ShowRoom Cinema virtual screening room Asbury Park 1590724800Starts May 29
Bow Tie Cinemas Clairidge virtual screening room Montclair 1590724800Starts May 29
Violet Crown Santa Fe virtual screening room Santa Fe 1590724800Starts May 29
North Park Theatre virtual screening room Buffalo 1590724800Starts May 29
Film Forum virtual screening room New York 1590724800Starts May 29
Sag Harbor Cinema virtual screening room Sag Harbor 1590724800Starts May 29
The Nightlight Cinema virtual screening room Akron 1590724800Starts May 29
Cleveland Cinematheque virtual screening room Cleveland 1590724800Starts May 29
City Lights Cinemas virtual screening room Florence 1590724800Starts May 29
Clinton Street Theater virtual screening room Portland 1590724800Starts May 29
Hollywood Theatre virtual screening room Portland 1590724800Starts May 29
Salem Cinema virtual screening room Salem 1590724800Starts May 29
Rose Theatre virtual screening room Port Townsend 1590724800Starts May 29
The Tull Family Theater virtual screening room Sewickley 1590724800Starts May 29
Nickelodeon Theatre virtual screening room Columbia 1590724800Starts May 29
Violet Crown Austin virtual screening room Austin 1590724800Starts May 29
Utah Film Center virtual screening room Salt Lake City 1590724800Starts May 29
Violet Crown Charlottesville virtual screening room Charlottesville 1590724800Starts May 29
Pickford Film Center virtual screening room Bellingham 1590724800Starts May 29
Liberty Theatre virtual screening room Camas 1590724800Starts May 29
Grand Illusion Cinema virtual screening room Seattle 1590724800Starts May 29
UW-Madison Cinematheque virtual screening room Madison 1590724800Starts May 29

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