Song of Norway

Directed by Andrew L. Stone

Year: 1970
Running Time: 142
Color Type: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Country: U.S.
Language: English
Genres: Musical, Drama
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Song of Norway

Florence Henderson
Toralv Maurstad
Christina Schollin
Edward G. Robinson
Robert Morley
Oskar Homolka
Frank Porretta
Harry Secombe

Directed by Andrew L. Stone

Brand New 2K Master! From Andrew L. Stone, the acclaimed director of A Blueprint for Murder, Julie, Cry Terror!, The Last Voyage and Stormy Weather, comes this romantic musical based on the life of Norway’s greatest composer, Edvard Grieg (Toralv Maurstad, Black Palm Trees). Impoverished after graduating from a music conservatory, Grieg causes controversy by marrying his cousin Nina (Florence Henderson, Carol Brady of TV’s The Brady Bunch). Soon afterward, he has an affair with a former schoolmate, Therese Berg (Christina Schollin, Fanny and Alexander), a wealthy woman who makes a deal with her influential father to end the romance if he’ll arrange a concert for Grieg in Stockholm. Though his significance as an artist begins to find appreciation, the road to success proves to hold many personal compromises for Grieg. Screen legend Edward G. Robinson (Scarlet Street) leads a strong supporting cast that includes Robert Morley (When Eight Bells Toll) and Oskar Homolka (Billion Dollar Brain). Based on the successful operetta of the same name and gorgeously shot on location, Song of Norway is a breathtaking epic filled with Grieg’s magnificent music.

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