New French Shorts 2020

Directed by Vasilis Kekatos, Clémence Poésy, Marine Levéel, Benjamin Crotty, Foued Mansour, Marion Lacourt, and Cecilia de Arce

Year: 2020
Running Time: 152
Color Type: Color
Country: France
Language: French with English subtitles
Genres: Short Films
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New French Shorts 2020

Directed by Foued Mansour, Marion Lacourt, Cecilia de Arce, Vasilis Kekatos, Clémence Poésy, Marine Levéel and Benjamin Crotty

This showcase of some of the most exciting new cinematic voices from France runs the gamut from animation to romance to absurdist comedy. Revel in these petite Gallic pleasures, including award winners from Cannes, Locarno, and Palm Springs ShortFest. New French Shorts 2020 is made available through Young French Cinema, a program of UniFrance and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

Ahmed's Song (Foued Mansour, 30m)
Sheep, Wolf, and a Cup of Tea... (Marion Lacourt, 12m)
Tuesday from 8 to 6 (Cecilia de Arce, 26m)
The Distance Between Us and the Sky (Vasilis Kekatos, 9m)
The Tears Thing (Clémence Poésy, 25m)
Magnetic Harvest (Marine Levéel, 24m)
Bonus: The Glorious Acceptance Speech of Nicolas Chauvin (Benjamin Crotty, 26m)


"A marvelously robust and compelling group of French shorts... with flashes of honesty, humor and a little horniness."

"France has always been the heart of cinematic art... The seven short films have a remarkable, multicultural range."

"The eclectic lineup... tick[s] several familiar boxes of great entertainment, all wrapped in an artistically-minded 2-hour package."

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Venue City Date
Rio Theatre virtual screening room Santa Cruz 1593835200Starts July 4
Museum of Fine Arts Houston virtual screening room Houston 1591156800Starts June 3
French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) virtual screening room New York 1591070400Starts June 2
Montage Cinemas virtual screening room Savannah 1590724800Starts May 29
Images Cinema virtual screening room Williamstown 1590724800Starts May 29
Strand Theatre virtual screening room Rockland 1590724800Starts May 29
a/perture cinema virtual screening room Winston Salem 1590724800Starts May 29
Cinema du Parc virtual screening room Montreal 1590724800Starts May 29
Portland Museum of Art virtual screening room Portland 1590638400Starts May 28
Byrd Theatre virtual screening room Richmond 1590638400Starts May 28
Sacramento French Film Festival virtual screening room Sacramento 1590120000Starts May 22
Roxie Theater virtual screening room San Francisco 1590120000Starts May 22
Dairy Arts Center virtual screening room Boulder 1590120000Starts May 22
Cinema Worcester virtual screening room Worcester 1590120000Starts May 22
Cincinnati World Cinema virtual screening room Cincinnati 1590120000Starts May 22
Austin Film Society virtual screening room Austin 1590120000Starts May 22
Countryfest Community Cinema virtual screening room Dauphin 1589947200Starts May 20
The Neon virtual screening room Dayton 1589947200Starts May 20
Lark Theater virtual screening room Larkspur 1589515200Starts May 15
Lumiere Cinema virtual screening room Los Angeles 1589515200Starts May 15
Laemmle Theatres virtual screening room Los Angeles 1589515200Starts May 15
Palm Springs Cultural Center virtual screening room Palm Springs 1589515200Starts May 15
Arena Theater virtual screening room Point Arena 1589515200Starts May 15
Kimball's Peak 3 Theatre virtual screening room Colorado Springs 1589515200Starts May 15
Sie Film Center virtual screening room Denver 1589515200Starts May 15
Avon Theatre virtual screening room Stamford 1589515200Starts May 15
Prado Stadium 12 virtual screening room Bonita Springs 1589515200Starts May 15
Coral Gables Art Cinema virtual screening room Coral Gables 1589515200Starts May 15
Cinematique of Daytona virtual screening room Daytona Beach 1589515200Starts May 15
Fort Lauderdale Film Festival virtual screening room Fort Lauderdale 1589515200Starts May 15
Enzian Theatre virtual screening room Maitland 1589515200Starts May 15
Corazon Cinema virtual screening room St. Augustine 1589515200Starts May 15
Tampa Theatre virtual screening room Tampa 1589515200Starts May 15
Cine Athens virtual screening room Athens 1589515200Starts May 15
LeFont Film Society virtual screening room Atlanta 1589515200Starts May 15
The Ryder Film Series virtual screening room Bloomington 1589515200Starts May 15
Kan Kan Cinema virtual screening room Indianapolis 1589515200Starts May 15
Wellfleet Preservation Hall virtual screening room Wellfleet 1589515200Starts May 15
Senator Theater virtual screening room Baltimore 1589515200Starts May 15
Charles Theatre virtual screening room Baltimore 1589515200Starts May 15
Cinema Detroit virtual screening room Detroit 1589515200Starts May 15
Riverview Theatre virtual screening room Minneapolis 1589515200Starts May 15
Oxford Film Festival virtual screening room Oxford 1589515200Starts May 15
Strand Theatre - MS virtual screening room Vicksburg 1589515200Starts May 15
Grail Moviehouse virtual screening room Ashville 1589515200Starts May 15
Red River Theatres virtual screening room Concord 1589515200Starts May 15
Park Theatre virtual screening room Jaffrey 1589515200Starts May 15
Violet Crown Santa Fe virtual screening room Santa Fe 1589515200Starts May 15
The Screening Room - Amherst virtual screening room Amherst 1589515200Starts May 15
North Park Theatre virtual screening room Buffalo 1589515200Starts May 15
Time & Space Limited virtual screening room Hudson 1589515200Starts May 15
Rodeo Cinema virtual screening room Oklahoma City 1589515200Starts May 15
Philadelphia Film Society virtual screening room Philadelphia 1589515200Starts May 15
Rose Theatre virtual screening room Port Townsend 1589515200Starts May 15
Cinema Le Clap virtual screening room Montreal 1589515200Starts May 15
Violet Crown Austin virtual screening room Austin 1589515200Starts May 15
Studio Movie Grill virtual screening room Dallas 1589515200Starts May 15
Park City Film Series virtual screening room Park City 1589515200Starts May 15
Violet Crown Charlottesville virtual screening room Charlottesville 1589515200Starts May 15
Alamo Drafthouse Winchester virtual screening room Winchester 1589515200Starts May 15
Catamount Arts Center virtual screening room St. Johnsbury 1589515200Starts May 15
Liberty Theatre virtual screening room Camas 1589515200Starts May 15
Kiggins Theatre virtual screening room Vancouver 1589515200Starts May 15

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