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Color: Color 

D.O.A. (Special Edition) 1988

Dexter Cornell (Dennis Quaid) has just 24 hours to find out who poisoned him... and why. Everyone has a secret and everyone is a suspect, even the woman (Meg Ryan) who loves him.

Release Year: 1988  Running Time: 96 mins  Color: Color 

D.W. Griffith: Father of Film

Acclaimed three-part documentary tells the proud, sad story of D.W. Griffith: the man who first brought artistry and ambition to the movies, and then, having dragged a reluctant American film industry to international prominence, found it had no more use for him.

Release Year: 1993  Running Time: 155 mins  Color: Color and B&W 

Daddy and the Muscle Academy

Tom of Finland is one of the major icons of the gay world. His provocative erotic drawings have had an enormous influence on gay identity, attitude and self-understanding. This ground-breaking work combines interviews with Tom (prior to his death in 1992) and his leather men acolytes with hundreds of his original drawings and steamy fantasy scenes inspired by his work.

Release Year: 1992  Running Time: 55 mins  Color: Color 

Daddy Long Legs

Follows a young French girl (Leslie Caron, An American in Paris) through college, as her education sponsored
by a mysterious millionaire with long legs. This thrice Oscar® nominated cinemascope musical features sparkling musical numbers and dream sequences, and the incomparable Fred Astaire.

Release Year: 1955  Running Time: 126 mins  Color: Color 

Daisy Kenyon

Joan Crawford (Mildred Pierce), Dana Andrews (Boomerang) and Henry Fonda (The Ox-Bow Incident) deliver dazzling performances in this highly polished and slick love triangle directed by the great Otto Preminger (Laura).

Release Year: 1947  Running Time: 99 mins  Color: B&W 


Newly Mastered in HD! Screen legend John Wayne (Red River, The Searchers) stars as John Devlin, a gambler who, with his new wife, moves to North Dakota hoping to cash in on the land boom created by increasing railroad expansion.

Release Year: 1945  Running Time: 82 mins  Color: B&W 

Dare to Drum

DARE TO DRUM tells the story of rock star composer Stewart Copeland, drummer for The Police, teaming up with D’Drum, a Texas-based world percussion group, and Maestro Jaap van Zweden with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra to create groundbreaking work, both on and off the screen.

Release Year: 2016  Running Time: 85 mins 

Daredevils of the Red Circle (1939) (12 Chapter Serial)

Newly Mastered in HD from a 4K scan! Considered by most to be one of the best, if not the best serials of all time. Three circus stuntmen track down a ruthless madman known as 39-0-13 (Charles Middleton, Emperor Ming of Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe), bent on destroying the wealth and integrity of his former employer, multi-millionaire Horace Granville (Miles Mander, Murder, My Sweet).

Release Year: 1939  Running Time: 211 mins  Color: B&W 


Two childhood friends swept up in civil wars in Chad and Burkina Faso. Tranquil, violent, intimate and objective, DARESALAM is a powerful film of resonant depth that "brilliantly weaves memory, hope and despair" (San Francisco Weekly) into "a poignant essay on civil war" (LA Weekly).

Release Year: 2000  Running Time: 105 mins  Color: Color 

Dark Side of Genius

An artist Julian Jons (Brent Fraser) begins to dig up the painful memories of his past.

Release Year: 1994  Running Time: 87 mins  Color: Color 

Darwin: The Life and Legacy

Part one this BBC portrait of Charles Darwin focuses on his early life and influences tracing his maturation as a naturalist from his birth in Shrewsbury, England to the publication of his key work the Origin of Species. Part two of this BBC portrait of Charles Darwin focuses on the legacy of his theories on evolution and the implications of his writings.

Release Year: 2009  Running Time: 100 mins  Color: Color 

Daughter of Dracula

When the nude body of a murdered woman washes onto the beach, a police inspector (Alberto Dalbés) and a reporter (Fernando Bilbao) focus their attention on the castle of Count Max Karlstein (composer Daniel White) and his niece (Britt Nichols, The Demons), a beautiful woman who appears to be wrestling with an ancestral curse.

Release Year: 1972  Running Time: 82 mins  Color: Color 

The Daughter

Adapted from The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen, a man returns to his hometown and unearths a long-buried family secret. As he tries to right the wrongs of the past, his actions threaten to shatter the lives of those he left behind years before.

Release Year: 2016  Running Time: 96 mins  Color: Color  

Daughters of Dolma

DAUGHTERS OF DOLMA takes viewers on a journey revealing a distinctively female experience of Tibetan Buddhism in the Kathmandu Valley. The documentary reveals how gender and modernity are molding contemporary spiritual practices in Nepal.

Release Year: 2013  Running Time: 70 mins  Color: Color 

David and Bathsheba

For this woman, he broke God’s own Commandment! Screen legend Gregory Peck (Yellow Sky, Night People) stars in this gripping retelling of the beloved Old Testament story.

Release Year: 1951  Running Time: 116 mins  Color: Color 

David and Lisa

Portrayed unforgettably by Janet Margolin and Keir Dullea, the painfully shy Lisa can communicate only through rhyme, and David cannot bear being touched. Strongly attracted to each other, they develop a deep bond that changes both of their lives.

Release Year: 1962  Running Time: 95 mins  Color: B&W 

David Holzman's Diary

This landmark 1967 faux-documentary finds recently dumped David Holzman (L. M. Kit Carson) unloading comic-neurotic monologues straight to the camera. Filmed like cinema verite, it’s a well-disguised fiction about the deceptions of cinematic illusionism and the lies we tell ourselves in order to live. New York Times Critics Pick.

Release Year: 1967  Running Time: 73 mins  Color: B&W 

The David O. Selznick Collection

Five masterworks culled from the personal collection of producer David O. Selznick, authorized by the Selznick Estate and preserved by the George Eastman House Motion Picture Department. Includes A FAREWELL TO ARMS (1932), NOTHING SACRED (1937), A STAR IS BORN (1937), BIRD OF PARADISE (1932) and LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY (1936)

Release Year: 1932  Color: B&W 

Dawson City: Frozen Time

This meditation on cinema’s past from Decasia director Bill Morrison pieces together the bizarre true history of a long-lost collection of 533 nitrate film prints from the early 1900s. Discovered buried under the permafrost in a former Canadian Gold Rush town, their story reveals the links between the movie business and Manifest Destiny in North America.

Release Year: 2017  Running Time: 120 mins 

The Day After (2-Disc Special Edition)

When Cold War tensions reach the ultimate boiling point, the inhabitants of a small town in Kansas learn – along with the rest of America – that they have less than 30 minutes before 300 Soviet warheads begin to appear overhead!

Release Year: 1983  Running Time: 251 mins  Color: Color 

Day of the Animals

The Terrifying Movie Of A World Gone Mad! Scientists warn that the depletion of the earth's ozone layer is reaching critical levels, particularly in higher altitudes. How critical? Enough to unleash the vengeful wrath of the entire animal kingdom! No human is safe, particularly a group of nature-loving hikers including Leslie Nielsen (The Naked Gun), Richard Jaeckel (Grizzly), Jon Cedar (The Manitou), Lynda Day George (Pieces) lead by their guide (Christopher George, Mortuary) who are constantly menaced by every conceivable mountain-dwelling creature.

Release Year: 1977  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: Color 

Days of Being Wild

In his first hypnotic backward glance at Hong Kong in 1960, Wong Kar-Wai follows its half dozen characters through their individual searches for intimacy. With Leslie Cheung (FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE) and Maggie Cheung (IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE).

Release Year: 1991  Running Time: 89 mins  Color: Color 

Dead Man's Bluff

A Molotov cocktail of gruesome carnage, eccentric characters, and off-beat humor, Dead Man's Bluff casts a bracingly cynical eye on recent Eastern European history.

Release Year: 2005  Running Time: 105 mins  Color: Color 

Dead Weight

DEAD WEIGHT is a pulse-pounding survival horror movie in which the humans are more terrifying than the zombies. In the wake of an apocalyptic viral outbreak, the undead take over major cities. Charlie Russell treks through the relative safe zone of the wilderness to reunite with his girlfriend, Samantha. As Charlie's journey brings him closer to his destination of Wausau, WI, he must face physical exhaustion, malicious survivors, and perhaps most menacing, his growing thirst for violence.

Release Year: 2014  Running Time: 90 mins  Color: Color 

Deadline U.S.A.

Screen legend Humphrey Bogart (Casablanca) stars as a fictional newspaper editor Ed Hutcheson of “The Day”, which will be folding in three days. Even though he and his staff will be out of work within days, he intends to expose the criminal activities of vicious crime boss Tomas Rienzi (Martin Gabel).

Release Year: 1952  Running Time: 87 mins  Color: B&W 

Deadly Dreams

A Code Red Release! From the director of the highly acclaimed Body Chemistry comes a frightening excursion into terror. Alex (Mitchell Anderson; Party of Five) is caught in a web of distrust between his brother (Xander Berkeley; Gattaca), his best friend (Thom Babbes, Naked Under Heaven), and a beautiful stranger (Juliette Cummins; Slumber Party Massacre 2), all while plagued by recurring nightmares of the slaughter of his family by a hunter wearing a fox mask. Now see this terrifying thriller from a brand new HD master.

Release Year: 1988  Running Time: 80 mins  Color: Color 

Deadly Hero

Don Murray (Hoodlum Priest, Bus Stop) plays Lacy, a blatantly bigoted New York cop, whose rabid hatred forces him into a bloody rampage in order to save himself and his job in this gritty and riveting 1975 cop drama.

Release Year: 1975  Running Time: 102 mins  Color: Color 

The Death Kiss

Bela Lugosi stars as the head of a struggling studio, who tries to contain a scandal after an actor is killed during the making of a film. While the police investigate the deepening mysteries within the studio, a quick-witted screen- writer (DavidManners) decides to solve the crime himself, in order to clear the picture's leading lady (AdrienneAmes) from suspicion.

Release Year: 1932  Running Time: 71 mins  Color: Color and B&W 

Death Occurred Last Night

An astute mix of classic Italian crime and giallo, Duccio Tessari's Death Occurred Last Night is a dark slow burning murder mystery. A mentally handicapped woman is kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery, sending her distressed father and a jaded police detective on the hunt for clues in Milan's underworld. Tessari (THE BLOODSTAINED BUTTERFLY) keeps a tight rein on the action, focusing on the characters and their collective desire for justice and revenge. An unforgettable, disturbing and fascinating thriller.

Release Year: 1970  Running Time: 98 mins  Color: Color 

The Death of Mr.Lazarescu

After suffering terrible headaches and stomach cramps that he can no longer bare, Mr. Lazarescu (Ion Fiscuteanu) calls for an ambulance, beginning one mans poignant journey through Bucharest hospitals in search of proper medical care. His lone ally, medic Mioara (Luminta Gheorghiu), admirably fights for his life with compassion and decency. However, cursed with viciously ironic luck and fumes of alcohol on his breath, Mr. Lazarescu is treated with scorn, indifference and little else as he slips deeper into oblivion.

Release Year: 2005  Running Time: 153 mins  Color: Color 

Death Rides a Horse (Da uomo a uomo)

Fifteen years after four bandits massacred his family while executing a $200,000 robbery, a young man (John Phillip Law, Danger: Diabolik) seeks revenge. The men responsible for the murders all hold positions of power in the new west, but now a bandit (Lee Van Cleef, Sabata, Return of Sabata) they had framed for the murders is due to be released from prison… he’s ready to exact bloody reprisals and decides to form an unholy alliance with the vengeance-seeking young man.

Release Year: 1969  Running Time: 114 mins  Color: Color 

Death Ship (Special Edition)

An ocean liner carrying vacationing passengers collides with a mysterious freighter. The handful of survivors seek refuge aboard the sinister freighter, which turns out to be possessed by the evil forces that once commanded it.

Release Year: 1980  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: Color 

Deceived (Special Edition)

Goldie Hawn delivers a critically acclaimed performance as Adrienne Saunders, someone whose perfect life as a wife, mother and career woman disintegrates into a confusing world of betrayal, deception and murder.

Release Year: 1991  Running Time: 104 mins  Color: Color 

The Decent One

Newly discovered papers reveal the human side of one of history's most merciless killers: Nazi "Final Solution" architect Heinrich Himmler.

Release Year: 2014  Running Time: 94 mins  Color: Color 

Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay

DECEPTIVE PRACTICE traces Jay's achievements and influences, from his apprenticeship at age 4 with his grandfather, to such now-forgotten legends as Al Flosso, Slydini, Cardini and his primary mentors, Dai Vernon and Charlie Miller.

Release Year: 2013  Running Time: 88 mins  Color: Color 

Decline of the American Empire

Acclaimed French Canadian comedy that wittily explores the sexual mores (or the lack thereof) of a college faculty klatch gathering for one of its regular dinner parties. Dorothy Berryman, Remy Girard, Yves Jacques, Dominique Michel star.

Release Year: 1986  Running Time: 101 mins  Color: Color 

The Decline of the American Empire

Color: Color 

Deep Rising (20th Anniversary Special Edition)

A band of ruthless hijackers seize the most luxurious cruise in the world only to find that all the passengers have mysteriously disappeared. Treat Williams and Famke Janssen lead a group of survivors who must overcome incredible odds in their battle to escape the doomed ship alive.

Release Year: 1998  Running Time: 106 mins  Color: Color 

Deep Web

Deep Web gives the inside story of one of the most important and riveting digital crime sagas of the century -- the arrest of Ross William Ulbricht, the entrepreneur convicted of being ‘Dread Pirate Roberts,’ creator and operator of online black market Silk Road.

Release Year: 2015  Running Time: 90 mins  Color: Color 


Action veteran John Flynn (Rolling Thunder) directed this tough-as-nails thriller about a merchant seaman (Jan-Michael Vincent, Vigilante Force) taking on a gang of thugs.

Release Year: 1980  Running Time: 103 mins  Color: Color 

Defining Hope

The ground-breaking new documentary feature film DEFINING HOPE from director Carolyn Jones (THE AMERICAN NURSE) follows eight patients with life-threatening illness, and the nurses who guide them to make critical choices along the way as they face death, embrace hope, and ultimately redefine what makes life worth living.

Release Year: 2017  Running Time: 78 mins  Color: Color 

A Delicate Balance

An invasion of friends and family pushes the repressed problems of a complacent marriage to the fore in this exceptional adapatation of Edward Albee's Pulitzer Prize-winning play.

Release Year: 1973  Running Time: 132 mins  Color: Color 


Comedy legend, John Candy (Uncle Buck) is hilarious in this laugh-a-minute daytime soap opera spoof which co- stars Mariel Hemingway (Star 80), Emma Sands (Dynasty), Raymond Burr (Perry Mason), Dylan Baker (Happiness), Charles Rocket (Dumb and Dumber), Jerry Orbach (Law and Order) and David Rasche (Sledgehammer).

Release Year: 1991  Running Time: 96 mins  Color: Color 

Delta Force 2

Chuck Norris (An Eye For An Eye) is in peak form in this explosive action/adventure that brings back one of his most unforgettable characters, Delta Force Colonel Scott McCoy, for a daring mission to destroy a deadly South American drug cartel.

Release Year: 1990  Running Time: 111 mins  Color: Color 


Triggered by a series of earthquakes on the West Coast of the United States, a massive tidal wave circles the globe and-in a prolonged and spectacular special effects sequence-wipes out New York City. Sidney Blackmer stars as a man who, separated from his family, must begin to rebuild civilization in the wake of the catastrophe. 

Release Year: 1933  Running Time: 70 mins  Color: Black and White 

The Demoniacs (Unrated Extended Cut)

A Poe-like study of guilt and revenge, THE DEMONIACS (Les Demoniaques) concerns a band of "wreckers" who rape and murder two young sisters, the survivors (Lieva Lone, Patricia Hermenier) of a ship they have lured into coastal rocks and plundered.

Release Year: 1974  Running Time: 100 mins  Color: Color 

The Demons

A witch, being burned at the stake, curses her tormentors, and sets off a chain reaction of sex, torture, and de- monic possession within the walls of a European convent. True to form, Franco depicts the horrors of the In- quisition and the forbidden pleasures of the flesh with equal affection. In- cludes interview with Jess Franco.

Release Year: 1973  Running Time: 118 mins  Color: Color 

The DePatie/Freleng Collection Vol.2 (The Blue Racer / Sheriff Hoot Kloot / The Dogfather / Misterjaw / Crazylegs Crane)

This 6-disc collection includes The Blue Racer (17 cartoons), Sheriff Hoot Kloot (17 cartoons), The Dogfather (17 cartoons), Misterjaw (34 cartoons) and Crazylegs Crane (16 cartoons). Loaded with Extras!

Release Year: 1972  Running Time: 640 mins  Color: Color 

The DePatie/Freleng Collection Volume 1 (The Inspector, Roland and Rattfink, The Ant and the Aardvark, Tijuana Toads) (5 Discs) (85 Cartoons)

The screen's most comically inept detective wreaks havoc on the boulevards of Paris as he, with the help of his sidekick Deux Deux, wages a single-minded (and narrow-sighted) battle for justice.

Running Time: 560 mins  Color: Color 


The Confessions of a Necrophile! Ezra's good at making friends... into home furnishings! Based on the terrifying true story of Ed Gein, that inspired Psycho,

Release Year: 1974  Running Time: 82 mins  Color: Color 


Written and narrated by Academy Award winner Tilda Swinton, this documentary blends vintage clips from Jarman's groundbreaking experimental works, never-before-seen footage from his films, and candid interviews shot shortly before his death in 1994.

Release Year: 2008  Running Time: 76 mins  Color: Color 


One of the most influential and iconoclastic figures of the 20th century, French philosopher and father of “deconstruction” Jacques Derrida has single-handedly altered the way we look at history, language, art and film. In the spirit of Derrida’s work, acclaimed filmmakers Kirby Dick (Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist) and Amy Ziering Kofman have created an innovative and entertaining portrait by questioning the very concept of biography itself. Featuring a mesmerizing score by Oscar-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto (The Last Emperor), Derrida is a playful and provocative glimpse at a visionary thinker as he ruminates on everything from Seinfeld to the sex lives of ancient philosophers.

Release Year: 2002  Running Time: 85 mins  Color: Color 

Desecration (Special Edition)

Bobby, a 16-year-old loner, has been emotionally damaged by his mother’s early death and a repressive Catholic upbringing. The boy accidentally causes a nun’s death, triggering a chain of supernatural events and violent mayhem that leads Bobby into Hell to confront his mother.

Release Year: 1999  Running Time: 88 mins  Color: Color 

Desperately Seeking Susan

Rosanna Arquette is irresistible in her first starring role and pop star Madonna gives a marvelously comic performance in this madcap comedy about mistaken identity. Bored housewife Roberta (Arquette) fills her days by following an ongoing romance between "Jim" and "Susan" (Madonna) in the personals; mysterious drifters who appears to lead the kind of lives she can only dream about. And dream she does, until the day she actually shows up at the couple's pre-arranged rendezvous.

Release Year: 1985  Running Time: 104 mins  Color: Color 

The Destructors

Newly Re-mastered in HD! Screen legends Michael Caine (The Holcroft Covenant), Anthony Quinn (The Passage) and James Mason (They Met in the Dark) co-star in this action-packed thriller set in the City of Light.

Release Year: 1974  Running Time: 89 mins  Color: Color 

Detective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell Bastards!

Assigned a standard Yakuza film in the hardboiled vein pioneered at Japan's famed Nikkatsu Studios, director Seijun Suzuki (Branded to Kill) and his frequent leading man Jo Shishido used 1963's Detective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell Bastards! to flip the Japanese gangster film genre on its ear.

Release Year: 1963  Running Time: 88 mins  Color: Color 


DETOUR is a nerve-wracking thriller that conveys the claustrophobic horror of being buried alive. While driving home Jackson Alder is engulfed in a powerful mudslide, his car turned into an expensive steel tomb. As the windows crack under an avalanche of mud, his time and oxygen are running out.

Release Year: 2013  Running Time: 86 mins  Color: Color 

Deutschland 83

Emmy Award Winner - Best International Drama: Deutschland 83 is a groundbreaking new series from the producers of the international Emmy award-winning Generation War. It's 1983. The Cold War is hot. Russian SS20 Missiles in East Germany are already pointed West. American Pershing II Missiles will soon be placed in West Germany, pointing East. The threat of nuclear conflict looms.

Release Year: 2015  Running Time: 360 mins  Color: Color 


DEVARIM is the first of Gitai's acclaimed trilogy of films about life in Israel's major cities (YOM YOM is set in Haifa and KADOSH is set in Jerusalem). Set in Tel Aviv during one very hot summer, it follows the intersecting lives of three young men: a photographer, a would-be musician, and a lawyer.

Release Year: 1995  Running Time: 110 mins  Color: Color 

The Devastator

A Code Red Release - This action film about a Vietnam vet and his fight against corruption in a small town is directed by action mastermind Cirio Santiago (Dune Warriors, Stryker, Wheels Of Fire)!

Release Year: 1986  Running Time: 79 mins  Color: Color 

The Devil Bat

Bela Lugosi stars as a scientist who commands a mutant bat to avenge himself upon his enemies (using a specially formulated after-shave lotion as the targeting device). Even as he takes diabolical pleasure in such a ludicrous premise, Lugosi invests the character with an underlying sense of tragedy, a visionary genius out of step with modern, corporate society.

Release Year: 1940  Running Time: 68 mins  Color: B&W 

Devil Fish aka Monster Shark

A marine biologist, a dolphin trainer, a research scientist, and a local sheriff try to hunt down a large sea monster, a shark/octopus hybrid, that’s devouring swimmers and fishermen off a south Florida coast.

Release Year: 1984  Running Time: 90 mins  Color: Color 

The Devil's Brigade

Screen legend William Holden stars in this riveting World War II saga based on the true story of the First Special Service. Lt. Col. Robert T. Frederick (Holden) takes on the daunting task of melding a renegade group of American and Canadian recruits into a crack team of commando warriors.  Frederick's superiors doubt the rookies until Frederick's volunteers them for a perilous attack on a Nazi stronghold in the mountains. 

Release Year: 1968  Running Time: 130 mins  Color: Color 

The Devil's Disciple

Newly re-mastered in HD! The third of seven films screen legends Burt Lancaster (Run Silent, Run Deep) and Kirk Douglas (Cast a Giant Shadow) have appeared together in is a satirical take on the American Revolution by George Bernard Shaw (My Fair Lady), boasting a cutting performance from acting great Laurence Olivier (Rebecca).

Release Year: 1959  Running Time: 83 mins  Color: Color 

The Devil's Needle & Other Tales of Vice and Redemption

Kino Classics is proud to help resurrect these rare motion pictures—ravaged by time and all but forgotten—and provide a precious glimpse at a fascinating chapter of American film history.

Release Year: 1913  Running Time: 167 mins  Color: B&W 

Diabolical Dr. Z

A stylish medical-horror thriller that brings to mind the work of Georges Franju

and David Cronenberg, The Diabolical Dr. Z is a vitally important film in the

horror cinema’s transition from spooky scares to a more dreamy and erotic

variety that would become the signature of Spanish-born filmmaker Jess


Release Year: 1966  Running Time: 87 mins  Color: B&W 

Diaghilev and the Ballets Rouses

The impresario Serge Diaghilev was the creator and driving force of the Ballets Russes. He persuaded, cajoled, and charmed the greatest talents of the early twentieth century to join his company. This documentary includes footage of revivals of Ballets Russes performances by the Joffrey Ballet and the New York City Ballet. Also featured are sets and costumes from Diaghilev’s innovative productions, as well as interviews with dancers, musicians, and scholars.

Release Year: 2013  Running Time: 55 mins  Color: Color 


Diamantino, the world’s premiere soccer star (played by Carloto Cotta) loses his special touch and ends his career in disgrace. Searching for a new purpose, the international icon sets out on a delirious odyssey where he confronts neo-fascism, the refugee crisis, genetic modification, abuse at the hands of his evil twin sisters, and a deranged hunt for the source of genius.

Release Year: 2019  Running Time: 92 mins  Color: Color 

Diamonds for Breakfast

Four thieves try to steal the Imperial Jewels of Russia! 

Release Year: 1968  Running Time: 102 mins  Color: Color 

Diary of a Lost Girl

Diary of a Lost Girl represents the second and final work of one of the cinema's most compelling collaborations: G. W. Pabst and Louise Brooks. Diary confirmed Pabst's artistry as one of the great directors of the silent period and established Brooks as an "actress of brilliance, a luminescent personality and a beauty unparalleled in screen history." (Kevin Brownlow, The Parade's Gone By)

Release Year: 1929  Running Time: 112 mins  Color: B&W 

Die Screaming, Marianne

Marianne (Susan George, STRAW DOGS), following the sudden death of her mother, stands to inherit the family fortune, along with several documents that could incriminate her corrupt judge of a father. Now, her sister and her father both want their hands on Marianne's inheritance and they'll stop at nothing—not even murder—to get it!

Release Year: 1971  Running Time: 99 mins  Color: Color 

Different from the Others

One of the first gay-themed films in the history of cinema. Different From the Others was banned at the time of its release, later burned by Nazis and was believed lost for more than forty years. Now recovered, this brave effort to repeal Germany's Paragraph 175 - which sentenced thousands of accused German homosexuals to jail terms for "unnatural vice between men" - is suprisingly progressive, even by today's standards. Starring Conrad Veidt (Cabinet of Dr. Caligari).

Release Year: 1919  Running Time: 50 mins  Color: B&W 


The con is on, and so are the laughs in this two-fisted comedy packed with surprises and rock 'em sock 'em action. James Woods (Cop) and Louis Gossett, Jr. (An Officer and a Gentleman) are a potent one-two punch as a pair of mismatched partners in for the scam of their lives in a movie that's hard to resist.

Release Year: 1992  Running Time: 98 mins  Color: Color 

Dimension 5

Justin Power (Jeffrey Hunter), an American intelligence agent, aided by Kitty (France Nuyen), a Chinese-American female agent is in a desperate race against time to save Los Angeles from atomic destruction. Using a time-traveling belt, the duo battles an evil organization lead by Big Buddha (Harold Sakata, Oddjob of Goldfinger) with plans to import the bomb and destroy the city of angels.

Release Year: 1966  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: Color 


Release Year: 2014  Running Time: 85 mins  Color: Color 

Directed By Andrei Tarkovsky

An insightful glimpse of Tarkovsky at work during the filmmaking of The Sacrifice. Sweden. 1988. 101 min. Color. Russian w/English Subtitles.

Release Year: 1988  Running Time: 101 mins  Color: Color 

The Dirt Bike Kid

Available for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray, this film stars 14-year-old Jack (Peter Billingsley, A Christmas Story) whose primary resource to save his friend's hotdog stand is a motorbike that does everything except speak French.

Release Year: 1985  Color: Color 

Dirty Country (Unrated Director's Cut)

MEET LARRY PIERCE: a small-town factory worker and family man who happens to be the raunchiest country music singer in America. With commentary from leading authors, experts and social critics, the film poses the question: is America a nation of prudes or are we living in a dirty country?

Release Year: 2009  Running Time: 70 mins  Color: Color 

Dirty Diaries: 12 Shorts of Feminist Porn

Dirty Diaries is a collection of twelve short pornographic films created by a group of feminist filmmakers in Sweden. The series of shorts is intended as a feminist response to traditional pornography -- porn films made by women to explore and celebrate, rather than exploit, female sexuality.

Release Year: 2009  Running Time: 105 mins  Color: Color 

Dirty Old Town

The Bowery becomes a nexus of shattered dreams when a merchant has 72 hours to pay his rent. Facing extinction, his ramshackle tent of antiques lures a troop of misfits who form a tableaux full of carnival pageantry, white lies and victimless crime in a fleeting glimpse of Downtown New York.

Release Year: 2012  Running Time: 77 mins  Color: Color 

Disaster Playground

Who are the people safeguarding the planet from asteroid destruction? What will happen when the Earth is finally threatened and how long will we have to save the human race? Disaster Playground investigates future outer space catastrophes and the procedures to manage and assess the risks

Release Year: 2014  Running Time: 89 mins  Color: Color 

Disorganized Crime (Special Edition)

A gang of not-so professional criminals have everything it takes to rob a bank -- except their leader, their getaway car and an actual plan. On their tail are two bumbling cops. 

Release Year: 1989  Running Time: 98 mins  Color: Color 

Diva Dolorosa

In this mesmerizing collage of silent Italian melodrama, found-footage filmmaker Peter Delpeut (Lyrical Nitrate) affectionately captures the spirit of the World War One-era cinema diva. In all-but-lost gems such as La donna nuda(1914), and Tigre reale (1916), superstars such as Lyda Borelli and Pina Menichelli portrayed heroines teetering dangerously between defiant indulgence in sexual passion and hysterical remorse at their own cruelties. Delpeut’s inventive celebration of Black Romanticism is both striking and heartbreaking in its composition—a beautifully woven narrative of tempted fate and self-torment, elegantly guided by Loek Dikker’s original score. Zeitgeist Films is proud to present Delpeut’s stunningly experimental work in all its heaving bosomed, luridly tinted glory.

Release Year: 1999  Running Time: 70 mins  Color: Tinted B&W 


Release Year: 2003  Running Time: 77 mins  Color: Color 


Aaron Kwok (The Storm Riders) plays Suen, a depressed and rundown cop still obsessing over his girlfriend's (Koma's Sinje Lee) sudden disappearance 10 years ago. While Suen extradites a witness from Canada, his bounty is murdered by an oddly principled assassin (One Night in Mongkok's Daniel Wu) who seems to possess information that Suen himself would kill for. The witness's death is welcome news for a crooked businessman whose assets were frozen by the police, until his only son is kidnapped. Enter To (Heroic Duo's Ekin Cheng), a lawyer who has always successfully protected his clients, and who coincidentally happens to be married to a woman who looks exactly like Suen's missing girlfriend.Each of these men will ultimately and painfully be drawn together, inadvertently rushing full speed towards their breaking points, until a violent and permanent Divergence becomes this film's only forgone conclusion.

Release Year: 2005  Running Time: 100 mins  Color: Color 

Divine Intervention

At the center of the Middle East conflict, hearts beat in tragic comedy and deadpan irony.

Release Year: 2003  Running Time: 90 mins  Color: Color 

The Divine Order

Winner of the Audience Award for Best Narrative Film at the Tribeca Film Festival, The Divine Order is set in Switzerland in 1971 where, despite the worldwide social upheavals of the previous decade, women were still denied the right to vote. Uplifting and crowd-pleasing, this charming, captivating film is a time-capsule that could not be more timely.

Running Time: 96 mins  Color: Color 

Do You Remember Dolly Bell?

A thoughtful and moving story of a sixteen year old boy who learns to deal with the unique difficulties of becoming an adult in Sarajevo in the 1960's.

Release Year: 1981  Running Time: 110 mins  Color: Color 

The Doctor from India

The Doctor from India is a meditative and immersive portrait of the life and work of Dr. Vasant Lad, the holistic health pioneer who first brought the ancient medical practice of Ayurveda from India to the West in the late 1970s.

Release Year: 2017  Running Time: 89 mins  Color: Color 

Dog Days (R Rated)

In the sweltering heat of suburban Vienna, six characters ranging from an erratic hitchhiker to a fading beauty queen play out a sweaty pageant of sadism and sexual deviance. With an assured knack for capturing the verisimilitude of domestic terror, documentarian Seidl has made a fiction feature debut whose slowly burning fever cannot fail to register.

Release Year: 2001  Running Time: 120 mins  Color: Color 

Dog Days (unrated)

In the sweltering heat of suburban Vienna, six characters ranging from an erratic hitchhiker to a fading beauty queen play out a sweaty pageant of sadism and sexual deviance. With an assured knack for capturing the verisimilitude of domestic terror, documentarian Seidl has made a fiction feature debut whose slowly burning fever cannot fail to register.

Release Year: 2001  Running Time: 121 mins  Color: Color 

The Dogfather (17 Cartoons)

DePatie-Freleng’s The Dogfather™ centers around a bumbling pack of canine mafiosi. Backed by his overgrown henchman Pug and the diminutive Louie (voice artist extraordinaire Daws Butler) and the mumble-mouthed Dogfather.

Release Year: 1974  Running Time: 117 mins  Color: Color 


David McCallum (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) stars in this horrifying tale of man's best friend turning into his worst enemy!

Release Year: 1976  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: Color 

Dogs On The Inside

Dogs on the Inside follows the relationships between abused stray dogs and prison inmates working towards a second chance at a better life.

Release Year: 2013  Running Time: 66 mins 


Graceful, enigmatic, and often frightening, DOGTOOTH is an ingenious dark comedy that won the Prix Un Certain Regard at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, propelling Yorgos Lanthimos to the forefront of contemporary cinema's most ambitious young filmmakers.

Release Year: 2009  Running Time: 94 mins  Color: Color 

Don't Call Me Son

Tall, dark, androgynously handsome, Pierre wears eyeliner and a black lace g-string, while having sex with both boys and girls. The confusion only goes deeper when the teenager’s single, working-class mom is arrested for having stolen him (and his “sister”) at birth. Thanks to the wonders of DNA, he’s returned to his biological parents: bourgeois, straight-laced and thrilled to have him back -- at least until he shows up in a zebra-print mini dress

Release Year: 2016  Running Time: 82 mins  Color: Color 

Don't Give Up the Ship (1959)

Newly Mastered in HD from a 4K scan! Comedy legend Jerry Lewis (The Nutty Professor) stars as a newlywed naval officer whisked away from his honeymoon by a senate investigating committee who would like to know what happened to WWII battleship had commanded – the crew arrived home safely, but the battleship has completely disappeared.

Release Year: 1959  Running Time: 89 mins  Color: B&W 

Donovan's Brain

Dr. Patrick Corey (Lew Ayres) has a hideous hobby - he keeps brains alive! So when the brain of dead murderer W.H. Donovan falls into his possession, bringing him back to life becomes his obsession. But the cunning cranium has its own agenda - to control the doctor's mind through telepathic messages! Now, Cory's wife (Nancy Reagan) must put a stop to the devious brain before it destroys the man she loves - and her in the process!

Release Year: 1953  Running Time: 83 mins  Color: B&W 


The mysterious island village of Balfe is experiencing unexplainable phenomena from grossly oversized sea-life to half-buried bodies in the woods and disfigured Neanderthal-like men. It is up to Dr. Del Shaw (Ian Bannen) and the scientists at Doomwatch headquarters to discover the cause of these horrific mutations

Release Year: 1972  Running Time: 92 mins  Color: Color 


Twelve-year-old Chatree is miserable and lonely after his transfer to an all-boys boarding school. His teacher does little to make him feel welcome and his peers bully him with tales of drowned boys and hanged girls. Chatree begins to feel his life is cursed until he meets and befriends a fellow student, who happens to harbor a curious secret. Dark and terrifying lessons are about to be learned in this schools dorm and innocence will be lost forever.

Release Year: 2006  Running Time: 107 mins  Color: Color 

Dormant Beauty

Isabelle Huppert (THE PIANO TEACHER) and Toni Servillo (THE GREAT BEAUTY,) star in Italian master Bellocchio's compelling ensemble drama in which characters in three interrelated storylines struggle with the moral impasses and compromises of modern life. Based on a real-life right-to-euthanasia case.

Release Year: 2014  Running Time: 115 mins  Color: Color 

The Double Headed Eagle

A fascinating experiment in documentary filmmaking, THE DOUBLE HEADED EAGLE charts the stealthy rise of the Nazi party in the wake of World War I.

Release Year: 1973  Running Time: 86 mins  Color: Color and B&W 

Double Take

Johan Grimonprez's ingenious documentary/ fiction hybrid - a meditation on identity, filmmaking, power and paranoia - looks at Alfred Hitchcock's 50s-60s films against the climate of Cold War anxiety. Using a meticulous array of archive footage and a story by novelist Tom McCarthy, Grimonprez traces the global rise of fear as a commodity, examining modern history through the lens of mass media.

Release Year: 2009  Running Time: 79 mins  Color: Color and B&W 

A Double Tour

A DOUBLE TOUR, Claude Chabrol's third film, is his debut psychological thriller, a genre he subsequently transformed in films like LES BONNES FEMMES and L'ENFER. Through "expert use of flashbacks and vignettes," (NY TIMES) Chabrol creates a lurid and disturbing melodrama of infidelity, obsession and murder at a vineyard in rural Provence.

Release Year: 1959  Running Time: 110 mins  Color: Color 

Down Down the Deep River

Down Down The Deep River marks the directorial debut of Will Sheff, lead singer and songwriter for Okkervil River. Shot in Sheff’s hometown over one year with local non-actors, the dreamy, dialogue-free short film is a story of childhood, imagination, alienation, and loss. 

Release Year: 2017  Running Time: 42 mins  Color: Color 

Down to the Sea in Ships

Newly mastered from an archival 35mm print, Down to the Sea in Ships is an adventure film that conveys the dangers and excitement aboard the whaling ships of New England. Produced on location by the short-lived Whaling Film Corp., Down to the Sea in Ships is not only an engaging romance and rousing adventure film, it is a fascinating (and remarkably authentic) record of the 19th century whaler.

Release Year: 1922  Running Time: 95 mins  Color: Tinted B&W 

Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

Beware! This band of bikini-clad cuties are licensed to kill... with comedy!

Release Year: 1965  Running Time: 88 mins  Color: Color 

Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs

Horror legend Mario Bava (Black Sabbath) directs this hilarious sequel to Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine featuring international superstar duo of Ciccio and Franco (Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia, War Italian Style).


Release Year: 1966  Running Time: 82 mins  Color: Color 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Deluxe Edition)

Considered by many to be the first great American horror film, John S. Robertson's DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE allowed stage legend John Barrymore to deliver his first virtuoso performance on film. Blending historic charm with grim naturalism, this version of DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE is one of the more faithful of the many screen adaptations of Stevenson's story, recounting a visionary scientist's ill-fated attempts to unleash the human mysteries that dwell beneath the shell of the civilized self. Mastered in HD from a 35mm negative, with a wealth of bonus material, this Kino Classics edition beautifully showcases the dramatic brilliance and gruesome thrills of this influential silent classic.

Release Year: 1920  Running Time: 79 mins  Color: Tinted B&W 

Dr. Mabuse, The Gambler (Restored Authorized Edition)

A truly legendary silent film, Fritz Lang's "Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler" had a major impact on the development of the crime thriller. This authorized edition is also the longest available version.

Release Year: 1922  Running Time: 270 mins  Color: B&W 

Dr. Orloff's Monster

The follow-up to Jess Franco's career-launching film The Awful Dr. Orloff, Dr. Orloff's Monster is a modern gothic thriller, injected with moments of perverse eroticism, science fiction, and smoky jazz.

Release Year: 1964  Running Time: 84 mins  Color: Black and White 

Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary

Release Year: 2002  Running Time: 75 mins  Color: Tinted B&W 

Dramolet (Stille Nacht I)

Release Year: 1988  Running Time: 2 mins  Color: B&W 

The Draughtsman's Contract

Release Year: 1982  Running Time: 108 mins  Color: Color 

Drawing Flies

Drawing Flies is a quirky, indie comedy that tells the story of Donner (Jason Lee), the unofficial leader of a troupe of slackers who've just been kicked off of welfare. Donner convinces his friends that what they need to turn their lives around is a camping trip; but as they go deeper and deeper into the woods, Donner's behavior grows increasingly erratic and unbeknownst to the group, finally reveals that "visions" have put him on a quest to find Bigfoot.

Release Year: 1996  Running Time: 76 mins  Color: Color 


Dream/Killer tells the story of a father's journey to free his best friend and son, Ryan Ferguson, from a 40-year prison sentence for a brutal murder based on some one else's dream.

Release Year: 2015  Running Time: 106 mins  Color: Color 

The Dreaming / The Initiation

DOUBLE FEATURE:THE DREAMING/THE INITIATION. A Female doctor is unable to save a girl from her death and soon becomes enmeshed in a 200-year-old mystery! In INITIATION, Danny Molloy (Rodney Harvey) confronts his father.

Release Year: 1988  Running Time: 87 mins  Color: Color 

Drew: The Man Behind The Poster

DREW: THE MAN BEHIND THE POSTER is a feature-length documentary film highlighting the career of poster artist Drew Struzan, whose most popular works include the Indiana Jones, Back to the Future and Star Wars movie posters.

Release Year: 2012  Running Time: 96 mins  Color: Color 


After witnessing a small plane crash, a frightened Jenny (Natalie Wood) seeks comfort in the home of a small-town doctor (Dean Jagger, Rawhide). Like a whirlwind of truth, Jenny speaks her mind, questions everything and changes the lives and loves of everyone she meets until she’s stricken with a plague that threatens the whole town. Now, the Doc must discover a cure or lose her.

Release Year: 1947  Running Time: 88 mins  Color: B&W 


Plantation boss and slave owner Hammond Maxwell (Warren Oates) purchases Drum (Ken Norton, Mandingo) and Blaise (Yaphet Kotto) from bordello hostess Marianna (Isela Vega). Marianna is actually Drum's mother, although her lesbian lover Rachel (Paula Kelly) actually raised the boy. Thrown into the package to Hammond is Drum's girlfriend Regine (Pam Grier), who was purchased to satisfy the carnal urges of Mr. Hammond. 

Release Year: 1976  Running Time: 110 mins  Color: Color 

Duane Michals: The Man Who Invented Himself

As one of America's masters of photography, Duane Michals brings us on a journey through his creative process. As we follow him to his favorite cities throughout the world, his themes of love, desire, death and immortality are revealed and his youthful personality glows alongside his master pieces.

Release Year: 2012  Running Time: 89 mins  Color: Color 

Duel at Diablo

An unlikely group of companions are thrown together to fight off an imminent Apache attack on Diablo canyon: an embittered army scout (James Garner) seeking revenge for the death of his Comanche wife, an ex-cavalry sergeant and horse- breaker (Sidney Poitier), and a racist bigot (Dennis Weaver) with his runaway wife (Bibi Anderson). Stylishly directed by Ralph Nelson (Lilies of the Field) and featuring a memorable and rousing score.

Release Year: 1966  Running Time: 103 mins  Color: Color 

Duel in the Sun (Roadshow Version)

When her father is hanged for killing his wife, the stunning beauty Pearl (Jennifer Jones) is taken in by a wealthy Texan, his wife and their two grown sons (Gregory Peck and Joseph Cotten). But Pearl soon becomes trapped in an emotional tug-of-war between her love for one son and her lust for the other. Duel in the Sun was nominated for 2 Academy Awards®. 

Release Year: 1946  Running Time: 144 mins  Color: Color 


In the mountains of Pakistan, a mother and her ten-year-old daughter flee their home on the eve of the girl’s marriage to a tribal leader.  A deadly hunt for them begins.

Release Year: 2015  Running Time: 93 mins  Color: Color 

Dune Warriors

After the end of the civilized world, a drought-ridden Earth is besieged by bands of outlaws, led by the evil William (Luke Askew, The Warrior & The Sorceress), who prey upon the small cities in a hope to obtain any water they might possess.

Release Year: 1991  Running Time: 80 mins  Color: Color 

The Dwarvenaut

The Dwarvenaut gives viewers a glimpse into the visionary mind of Brooklyn-based artist and entrepreneur Stefan Pokorny. Director Josh Bishop weaves together memories of Stefan’s tumultuous childhood with his modern day escapades to paint a mesmerizing portrait.

Release Year: 2016  Running Time: 83 mins  Color: Color 

Dying to Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary

Two conventional Harvard professors began probing the edges of consciousness in the '60s. Timothy Leary ended up in jail, while Richard Alpert became Ram Dass, a spiritual teacher.

Release Year: 2015  Running Time: 95 mins  Color: Color and B&W 

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