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The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (2014 restoration)

Director Robert Wiene and a visionary team of designers crafted a nightmare realm in which light, shadow and substance are abstracted, a world in which a demented doctor and a carnival sleepwalker perpetrate a series of ghastly murders in a small community. This authoritative edition of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is a 4K restoration scanned from the (mostly) preserved camera negative at the German Federal Film Archive.

Release Year: 1920  Running Time: 75 mins  Color: Tinted B&W 

The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer

Release Year: 1984  Running Time: 14 mins  Color: Color 


Set amidst the splendor of ancient Rome, this film quickly became the most spectacular of the italian cinema's epic, historical genre. Restored using newly mastered materials, variable speed projection and a thrilling piano score.

Release Year: 1914  Running Time: 123 mins  Color: B&W 

Caesar Must Die

The captivating new drama from legendary Italian auteurs Paolo & Vittorio Taviani follows real-life prison inmates as they rehearse for a performance of Shakespeare's classic story of honour and power, Julius Caesar.

Release Year: 2013  Running Time: 76 mins  Color: Color 

Café de Flore

Cafe de Flore is a love story about people separated by time and place, but connected in profound and mysterious ways. Atmospheric, fantastical, tragic and hopeful, the film chronicles the parallel fates of Jacqueline, a young mother with a disabled son in 1960s Paris, and Antoine, a recently divorced, successful DJ in present day Montreal. What binds the two stories together is love - euphoric, obsessive, tragic, youthful, timeless love.

Release Year: 2012  Running Time: 120 mins  Color: Color 

Call Her Applebroog

This deeply personal portrait of acclaimed New York–based artist Ida Applebroog was shot with mischievous reverence by her filmmaker daughter, Beth B (Exposed). Born in the Bronx to Orthodox Jewish émigrés from Poland, Applebroog, now in her 80s, looks back at how she expressed herself through decades of drawings and paintings, as well as her private journals.

Release Year: 2016  Running Time: 70 mins  Color: Color 

Calloused Hands

Despite life's many disappointments Byrd (Andre Royo, The Wire) still believes in the promise of the American Dream. In the powerfully moving drama CALLOUSED HANDS, he battles his addictions and the recession to get a shot at happiness.

Release Year: 2013  Running Time: 97 mins  Color: Color 

Camille Claudel 1915

In CAMILLE CLAUDEL 1915, Juliette Binoche gives a mesmerizing performance as Auguste Rodin's protégé (and later mistress), and sister of the Christian/mystic poet Paul Claudel. Inspired by the correspondence between Paul and Camille, writer/director Bruno Dumont (Humanité, La Vie de Jesus) focuses on Camille Claudel's struggle to find understanding and recognition as an artist - and the moments before her brother's visit while she is confined to a mental institution.

Release Year: 2013  Running Time: 97 mins  Color: Color 

Can't Go Wrong Without You (Stille Nacht IV)

Release Year: 1993  Running Time: 4 mins  Color: B&W 


Release Year: 1986  Running Time: 90 mins  Color: Color 


Cult director Maddin scales new heights of cinematic strangeness in this weird and funny quasi-Freudian parable of sexual repression in a remote Alpine village.

Release Year: 1992  Running Time: 100 mins  Color: Color 


Caterpillar tells the story of a village woman given the grueling task of looking after (and fulfilling the sexual needs of) her quadruple amputee husband, a Japanese soldier in the Second Sino-Japanese War who has been decreed a "War God" by the Emperor. The film serves as a powerful indictment of Japan's militaristic, nationalistic past.

Release Year: 2010  Running Time: 84 mins  Color: Color 

The Challenge (2017 documentary)

Italian visual artist Yuri Ancarani’s exquisite documentary, winner of the Filmmaker of the Present award at the 2016 Locarno Film Festival, enters the surreal world of wealthy Qatari sheikhs with a passion for amateur falconry.

Release Year: 2017  Running Time: 70 mins  Color: Color 

Chamber of Horrors

Newly Mastered in HD! Chamber of Horrors was based on the classic novel, The Door with Seven Locks by Edgar Wallace (King Kong, The Terror) - it was the second Wallace adaptation brought to the States by Monogram Pictures.

Release Year: 1940  Running Time: 79 mins  Color: B&W 

The Chambermaid

A young maid at a luxurious Mexico City hotel confronts the monotony of long workdays with quiet examinations of forgotten belongings and budding friendships that nourish her newfound and determined dream for a better life.

Release Year: 2019  Running Time: 102 mins  Color: Color 

Charlotte Rampling: The Look

THE LOOK features Charlotte Rampling in a series of reflective conversations with artists, friends, and one-time collaborators such as novelist Paul Auster and photographers Peter Lindbergh and Juergen Teller, revealing the personality and philosophies of one of our most iconic screen stars.

Release Year: 2011  Running Time: 98 mins  Color: Color and B&W 

The Cheat

A society woman falls victim to a Burmese ivory trader (Sessue Hayakawa) who intends to brand her for his own. A visually powerful today as when it was made. U.S. 1915. 59 min. B/W.

Release Year: 1915  Running Time: 59 mins  Color: B&W 

Chef Flynn

Ten-year-old Flynn McGarry transforms his living room into a supper club, using his classmates as line cooks and serving a tasting menu foraged from his neighbors’ backyards. Fame comes early and Flynn quickly outgrows his bedroom kitchen. Enjoying unwavering support from his mother, an artist who documents every step of his unique journey, Flynn sets out to challenge the hierarchy of the culinary world.

Release Year: 2018  Running Time: 83 mins  Color: Color 

The Cherry Orchard

Anton Chekhov’s THE CHERRY ORCHARD is the timeless story of an aristocratic Russian family torn apart by buried secrets and changing times. Stars Alan Bates and Charlotte Rampling.

Release Year: 1999  Running Time: 137 mins  Color: Color 


Im Kwon-Taek's ninety-fifth film tells the story of renowned nineteenth-century painter Jang Seung-up (Choi Min-Sik), an artist whose revolutionary work - and persona - forever changed the face of Korean art. Sweeping yet personal, Chihwaseon paints its pictures in passionate brushstrokes, befitting the life of a tumultuous artist with a lust for ife.

Release Year: 2002  Running Time: 116 mins  Color: Color 

Child's Pose

Release Year: 2013  Running Time: 112 mins  Color: Color 

China Heavyweight

Award-winning filmmaker Yung Chang (Up the Yangtze) returns to China for another riveting documentary on that country's ever-changing economic landscape—this time through the lens of sports. In China Heavyweight, Chang follows the charismatic Qi Moxiang, a former boxing star and state coach who recruits young fighting talent from the impoverished farms and villages across Sichuan province. A select few boys (and girls) are sent to national training centers, with the hope of discovering China's next Olympic heroes. But will these potential boxing champions leave it all behind to be the next Mike Tyson? Their rigorous training, teenage trials and family tribulations are expertly intertwined with Coach Qi's own desire to get back in the ring for one more shot at victory. Cinematically rich and intimately observed, China Heavyweight is all at once thrilling sports drama, astute social commentary and a beautifully crafted portrait of an athlete.

Release Year: 2012  Running Time: 89 mins  Color: Color 

China on Film: The New Millennium

Release Year: 2001  Color: Color 

China: A Century of Revolution

CHINA: A CENTURY OF REVOLUTION is a six-hour tour de force journey through the country’s most tumultuous period. First televised on PBS, this award-winning documentary series presents an astonishingly candid view of a once-secret nation with rare archival footage, insightful historical commentary and stunning eyewitness accounts from citizens who struggled through China’s most decisive century. CHINA IN REVOLUTION charts the country’s most violent era where decades of civil war and foreign invasions led to the bloody battle for power between Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek. THE MAO YEARS examines the turbulent era of Mao’s attempts to forge a “new China” from the war-ravaged and poverty-stricken nation. Mao’s death begins BORN UNDER THE RED FLAG, which follows the country’s new leadership of Deng Xiaoping and its unlikely transformation into an extraordinary hybrid of communist-centralized politics with an ever-expanding free market economy. Monumental in scope, CHINA: A CENTURY OF REVOLUTION is critical viewing for anyone interested in this increasingly powerful and globally influential country.

Release Year: 1989  Running Time: 360 mins  Color: Color and B&W 

La Chinoise

Director Jean-Luc Godard, whose advocacy of Maoism bordered on intoxication, infuriated many traditionalist critics with this swiftly paced satire. Disillusioned by their suburban lifestyles, a group of middle-class students, led by Guillaume (Jean-Pierre Leaud) and Veronique (Anne Wiazemsky), form a Maoist cell and plan to change the world by any means necessary.

Release Year: 1967  Running Time: 93 mins  Color: Color 

Chris & Don. A Love Story

CHRIS & DON: A LOVE STORY is the true-life story of the passionate three-decade relationship between British writer Christopher Isherwood (whose Berlin Stories was the basis for all incarnations of the much-beloved Cabaret) and American portrait painter Don Bachardy, thirty years his junior. From Isherwood’s Kit-Kat-Club years in Weimar-era Germany (the inspiration for his most famous work) to the couple’s first meeting on the sun-kissed beaches of 1950s Malibu, their against-all-odds saga is brought to dazzling life by a treasure trove of multimedia. Bachardy’s contemporary reminiscences (in the Santa Monica home he shared with Isherwood until his death in 1986) artfully interact with archival footage, rare home movies (with glimpses of glitterati pals W.H. Auden, Igor Stravinsky and Tennessee Williams), reenactments, and, most sweetly, whimsical animations based on the cat-and-horse cartoons the pair used in their personal correspondence. With Isherwood’s status as an out-and-proud gay maverick, and Bachardy’s eventual artistic triumph away from the considerable shadow of his life partner, CHRIS & DON: A LOVE STORY is above all a joyful celebration of a most extraordinary couple.

Release Year: 2007  Running Time: 90 mins  Color: Color 

The Cigarette Girl of Mosselprom

A boisterous comedy satirizing Soviet life and filmmaking in the 1920s. The greatest work of Zhelyabuzhsky.

Release Year: 1924  Running Time: 85 mins  Color: B&W 


In a massive, mysterious chamber, fifty strangers awaken to find themselves trapped with no memory of how they got there. Organized in a circle and unable to move, they learn that every two minutes, one of them must die...executed by a strange device in the center of the room.

Release Year: 2014  Running Time: 86 mins 

Circle of Deceit

Set in Beirut during the 1970s Civil War, Bruno Ganz and Hanna Schygulla star in this extraordinary film about how the West in general and jouralists in particular confront terrorism in the Middle East. This film has only become more relevant with age.

Release Year: 1981  Running Time: 108 mins  Color: Color 

City of Life and Death

A bold re-creation of the 1937 Japanese occupation of China's capital Nanking - the infamous "Rape of Nanking". Told with startling humanism, the film is an unforgettable masterpiece of contemporary world cinema."A film strong enough to change your life" (Los Angeles Times).

Release Year: 2011  Running Time: 135 mins  Color: B&W 


Set entirely within the confines of a police van where rival demonstrators are trapped together, Clash is a white-knuckled tale of resistance that evokes the political fault lines of Egypt two years after the Arab Spring.

Release Year: 2017  Running Time: 97 mins  Color: Color 


Winner of the prestigious Fipresci Award at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, CLIMATES is internationally acclaimed writer-director Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s sublime follow-up to his Cannes multi-award winner DISTANT

Release Year: 2006  Running Time: 101 mins  Color: Color 

Coincoin and the Extra-Humans

In Bruno Dumont’s farcical follow-up, Li’l Quinquin is all grown up and still living in the Côte D'Opale. When the townsfolk start behaving strangely, our beloved heroes Captain Van Der Weyden and Carpentier begin to suspect an alien attack.

Release Year: 2019  Running Time: 208 mins  Color: Color 


In one of his most successful films, Keaton stars as an intellectual weakling who tries to earn the love of a young coed by demonstrating his athletic abilities. More than in any other feature, Keaton stretches the boundaries of solo physical comedy.

Release Year: 1927  Running Time: 64 mins  Color: B&W 

Color Of Pomegranates

The powerful words of 17th Century poet Arutuin Sayadian, also known as "Sayat Nova" are magnificently captured in this symbolically rich, almost hallucinatory film. New Version. Armenia. 1969. 88 min. Color. Russian w/English subtitles.

Release Year: 1969  Running Time: 88 mins  Color: Color 

The Comb (from the Museums of Sleep)

Release Year: 1990  Running Time: 18 mins  Color: Color and B&W 

Le Combat dans l'Ile

Release Year: 1962  Running Time: 104 mins  Color: B&W 

Comedy of Power

The latest thriller from French New Wave veteran Claude Chabrol is a timely and provocative account of corporate and political corruption was inspired by a real-life scandal involving a French oil giant and several top-level politicians.

Release Year: 2006  Running Time: 105 mins  Color: Color 


Release Year: 1968  Running Time: 105 mins  Color: B&W 

Computer Chess

Set over the course of a weekend tournament for chess software programmers thirty-some years ago, COMPUTER CHESS transports viewers to a nostalgic moment when the contest between technology and the human spirit seemed a little more up for grabs.

Release Year: 2013  Running Time: 92 mins  Color: B&W 

Concerning Violence

From the director of The Black Power Mixtape comes a bold and fresh visual narrative on Africa, based on newly discovered archive material covering the struggle for liberation from colonial rule in the late '60s and '70s, accompanied by text from Frantz Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth.

Release Year: 2014  Running Time: 89 mins  Color: Color 

The Conformist

The Conformist is a 1970 political drama directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. The screenplay was written by Bertolucci based on the 1951 novel The Conformist by Alberto Moravia.

Release Year: 1970  Running Time: 111 mins  Color: Color 

The Corporation

One hundred and fifty years ago, the Corporation was a relatively insignificant entity. Today, it is a vivid, dramatic and pervasive presence in all our lives. Like the Church, the Monarchy and the Communist Party in other times and places, the Corporation is today's dominant institution.

Release Year: 2004  Running Time: 145 mins  Color: Color 


The late Andrzej Zulawski's final film, a literary adaptation suffused with his trademark freneticism, transforms Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz's novel of the same name into an ominous and manic exploration of desire.

Release Year: 2015  Running Time: 97 mins  Color: Color 


Winner of top prizes at the Venice and Mumbai film festivals, Chaitanya Tamhane’s Court is a quietly devastating, absurdist portrait of injustice, caste prejudice, and venal politics in contemporary India. An elderly folk singer and grassroots organizer, dubbed the “people’s poet,” is arrested on a trumped-up charge of inciting a sewage worker to commit suicide.

Release Year: 2014  Running Time: 116 mins  Color: Color 

Cowards Bend the Knee

Release Year: 2003  Running Time: 64 mins  Color: Tinted B&W 

Crazy Wisdom: The Life and Times of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Crazy Wisdom explores the arrival of Tibetan Buddhism in America through the story of Chogyam Trungpa, who landed in the U.S. in 1970. Trungpa became renowned for translating ancient Buddhist concepts into language and ideas that Westerners could understand and shattered preconceived notions about how an enlightened teacher should behave.Initially rejected, his teachings are now recognized by western philosophers and spiritual leaders as authentic and profound.

Release Year: 2011  Running Time: 86 mins  Color: Color 

Crossing the Line

The first Western interview with Comrade Joe, James Joseph Dresnok, an American soldier who defected to North Korea in 1962 and has embraced life in the secret state ever since. From the director of A STATE OF MIND.

Release Year: 2007  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: Color 


A broken marriage leads to a bitter custody battle with an embattled son at the center in this tense family drama that will keep audiences guessing and leave them with their hearts in their throats.

Release Year: 2018  Running Time: 93 mins  Color: Color 

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