Ashik Kerib (Ashugi Qaribi)

Director : Sergei Paradjanov
Starring: Dodo Abashidze, Sofiko Chiaureli
Country : Russia
Genre s : Drama, Literary Adaptations, World Cinema
Type: Color
Year: 1988
Language: Armenian w/English subt.
Length: 78
Aspect Ratio: 1.33


From Sergei Paradjanov ("The Legend of Suram Fortress, Shadows Of Our Forgotten Ancestors) one of the most acclaimed experimental directors of the Soviet cinema, comes Ashik Kerib, a 19th Century romantic tale evocatively brought to life.

In recounting Lermontov's fable of a wandering minstrel trying to earn enough money to marry the girl he loves, Paradjanov dispenses with conventional storytelling devices in order to present a boldly unique cinematic experience. Glorious tableaux, exquisitely composed, choreographed and photographed, are combined with intertitles, images of early Russian artwork and a haunting blend of traditional and contemporary musical forms, all of which combine to form an enthralling and utterly unique cinematic experience.


"A visual feast! A rapturously strange, eccentric fairy tale...A most extraordinary film!" - Michael Wilmington, The Los Angeles Times

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